I don’t think I would ever write a post like this if it weren’t for the course (above) and learning how to use all this stuff.  In the “commons” I saw a little blurb about how time consuming this is, and it is, especially for someone like me who takes forever just to figure out that I’m supposed to do the assignments here and then link them on the assignment page. It is for someone like me who then takes another half hour to figure out how to get a link.

Geez!  Just so, you know I wanted to write “oy” like in “oy, oy oy”  or “oy vey” but that took me some time to figure out because I didn’t know how to spell it. More time! Then I wanted to say Jesus instead of geez but I don’t want to offend anyone, so I’ll stay away from that at least momentarily.

In case, dear potential dream reader, you actually  have read this far, you are already starting to qualify for the position, and I am just about getting to the point of starting to have some fun.

The writing part, in case you ventured to the post “A Long Time Ago” is the fun part for me, and whether it is hard going or fast flying, depending upon what I’m writing, this is the part I love. My dream reader, then, would have to love reading what I write, you know,  love wit and panache and style and literary elements and a whole lot more.  Now honestly I am not saying that all those wonderful things are actually in my writing and truly even if they are, I wouldn’t have the confidence and ego to say so myself.  But I would hope all my readers and especially my dream readers  find what I write significant, thought provoking, entertaining and relevant.

I could go on and on, but just a little bit more.  I don’t expect my dream readers all to be simpatico with me.  However, overall, for whatever reason, my dream readers should  like what I write. I’m reading something now that I picked up on my  Kindle and damn if it isn’t very similar to something I just finished writing. I feel right there with that writer. My dream readers, I hope, will be right there with me.


And for you, my dear dream readers, a picture of my dog Rachel, a rescue we are fostering who needs a home.  That does the media element of the assignment and the is the first time I’ve ever done a picture insertion.