I woke up this morning feeling fine
There’s something special on my mind…
Last night I met a new girl in the neighborhood.
Something tells me I’m in for something good.

That’s from Herman’s Hermits, circa sometime in the 60s. I heard it on the radio yesterday and when I started this post, a moment ago, that was the first thing that popped into my brain. But lying in bed this morning, about 7:15, I thought about some of the things we have all backwards. The first one is not  my idea, but it is an interesting one. Retirement should come first in life, right after schooling. I mean look at all the kids who can’t find a job after they get out of school and all of the ones still living at home or moving back home. We should pay them a pension, say for twenty years, let them mess around and then put them to work. This way we can control pensions and the time of payouts and all that detail, and then you work until say 105. But no matter what you do during your pension years, you still have to work for the rest of your life. Instead of unemployment insurance, we should have unemployment police going around and putting everyone to work. Have a kid but you can answer telephones, work answering phones. Then there’s plenty of need  for babysitters. We could even make the babysitters tutors and put them one on one for kids so that creates even more jobs. And while we’re at it, instead of truancy officers, we should have go to school police who summons all parents whose kids are truants. Then we could cut their pension checks or their paychecks, so either way it works out.

It’s better than eating babies and opening up that whole market as per J. Swift.

Seriously, though, the ideas above make about as much sense as any proposed by the socialists, not their rank and file people, but their leaders, the multimillionaires who think we should spread the wealth around but not theirs of course. They deserve more for coming up with their great ideas (like Al Gore who says we should conserve but uses more electricity in a month than the rest of his whole town combined). I could add some much more prime examples, but these days in this country I am hesitant just to say what political party I belong to let alone criticize any hotshot hoity-toities. When we moved to the north east, by the way, I registered as an independent and don’t get me started on that cause I might go into a rant and then get audited.

My father fought the Nazis for it to come to this?

For anyone who knows my family, they know he was three years in a Nazi POW camp. Think I could use that as an insanity defense against  my rant being not politically correct?

Really seriously though, since things are the way they are, after age 66 income tax should be regressive if you are on a fixed income. My pension and social security may be quite adequate today but twenty years from now, even adjusted like with the whopping 1% COLA they just gave to social security recipients, what will it be worth? Regressive income tax, not repressive!

Think about it.  Why should the government take 20% of my fixed retirement income? They should let me hold  some of that 20% for added protection for me and my family for our really old age, and hold more and more of it the older I get and less valuable my fixed income is. Or, regressive income tax.

Did I mention they need to grandfather in the retirement-first idea so I’d be exempt since I worked my fifty years already?  Then, everyone like me who has worked their whole life (I’m using the plural since it is gender neutral and I know that causes other issues) and paid their taxes and done it the right way, not like what’s his name who owes nearly 5 million in back taxes and visits the white house often, would be exempt too.

Better yet, I want to write my own personal tax payment amount contract, but they have to sign it to see what’s in it. I want to do the same with my mortgage and my car loan and the terms of all the contracts by which I am bound. Like someone once did with GM, we just make some things null and void and then I can rewrite them and they can sign them before they read them.

Really really seriously though, don’t forget to agree that you like what I wrote here before you read it and that you will read everything I write from now on before I write it. That’s kind of like someone we all know supporting the school voucher system but then cutting it out in the school his kids go to.

When sense doesn’t make sense, that’s what we live in.