Rachel went on a play date this morning. She went out with my neighbor who took her to walk with his friend. Girl has no loyalty and jumped into my neighbor’s truck with no reservations and would have gone home with his friend if they’d done that. Interesting. I never had a dog with so little loyalty. But then I’ve never had a dog more friendly than this one. She’s smart and obedient and ready to follow, so lead on McDuff.

Leading on, that’s what this one is about. While Rachel was on her play date, I was watching the news only to see that one tax evader who visits the white house often was calling for a meeting with Hollywood executives because people of a certain color, he asserts, have been excluded from the Oscars this year as a result of Ferguson and Staten Island. Really? And almost in the same breath, the people presenting the story noted that said tax evader had been given thousands of dollars by corporations not to make racial allegations against them. Shakedown artist, tax evader, slanderer (ask Steven Pagones), friend of the President and would be leader of the only group in America seemingly championed by this president, if you can call the effects of his policies on them as championing, he will now purport to determine what films we see, are made, win awards?  And we will allow this? Takes me back to that bill we had to sign to see. We have to confer with him?

The sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in through our wonderful leadership here in America is part and parcel of how pathetic we have become as a people and a nation. If Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous statement wasn’t illogical enough, think about the logic of the President’s attempt to even out the spread of the wealth. By keeping interest rates at 0 and monetizing the debt, which he said he would not do, he has caused the stock market to soar (the place where you can make profits  when  interest is so  low). The result: the rich who have money to invest have gotten richer and the poor who don’t have the money to invest have not even kept pace with the cost of  living. Including the new measure to procure sick days for workers, each step the big guy takes costs poor people real wages. Bad enough not to keep pace with inflation, worse to be penalized in all different little ways to lessen real wages and make worse the effects of rising costs.

So what’s the game? The leaders know what’s going on. They understand what happens when they take the actions they take. Hypocrisy? For sure! But just that is too easy. The rich leftists aren’t giving up anything; they’re only asking the regular working stiffs to do so, and just so anyone reading this knows, I’m just a regular working stiff. It’s about maintaining a social order. The elephants are criticized as elitists who are bigoted and don’t want things to change. The donkeys have mostly escaped those criticisms because they hide themselves in feigned care and concern for “the people.” They are worse than the elephants since they hide behind fake altruism while perpetuating a system of dependence. Rather than openly encouraging independent thought and action, they want us to sink into the quicksand of mediocrity and complacency by feeding us the sustenance drugs to keep us where we are rather than forging ahead or upward.

It is all a ruse. Shame on them. Worse, shame on us. We spend more money per student than anywhere else in the world yet we rank a pathetic 27th. They have led us out of the American Dream and into third world status. And we follow?

Shame on us.

What will Hollywood do?  Wasn’t it bad enough that North Korea (if you believe that) shook them down and attempted to influence what movies they make? Now a homegrown flimflam man is going to do it?

So, really, who is walking the dog?