Left turn. I should have turned right. Or maybe I shouldn’t have turned at all. In any case, the turns I made put me on vacation. Yes. Summer vacation.

Well, the summer has come and gone and as far as summers go, it’s been nothing more than so-so. Since being retired, almost every day is like what the summer vacation from school used to be like, and not too long ago, actually we were out buying a new bed, the salesman asked me if every day in retirement felt like Saturday. I told him that in a way that was kind of true, but really that’s not the case since most days during the school year I work at my desk while my child is in  school. I’m not inclined to get a job and I’m thankful I don’t have to for financial reasons. My job, at least for now, is here at my desk and I’m quite content with that. Still in all, my child is a 24/7 child and so the whole summer was time with her. We did day trips and walked the Chihuahua, Nikki, in the park almost every day we were home. When the days with my child were done, I wasn’t too inclined to come to my desk since admittedly I work best creatively in the mornings.

And so it goes.

I did do some work and over the next weeks I’ll be publishing the posts I’ve written but not posted. Some of them deal with things going on out there and might be a little outdated, so I’m going to put a written-on date on them. As far as the things out there go, what I’ve written becomes part of the continuum and I wish the state of the union were a little more upbeat than what it is, but it is what it is. I know there are those who would say that all is well and the state of the union is fine. But when a policeman pumping gas into his cruiser is assassinated for no reason other than the politics that have been established by the president, all is not fine. When the schools there are put on lockdown and then closed the next day, all is not fine. When a Kentucky clerk is jailed for following her religious beliefs and a cake maker is fined 145,000 dollars for the same thing, all is not fine.

Yes, with me all is fine. My family and I are healthy and I am able to be retired without having to go to work. Going to work as an option rather than as a necessity is a blessing in and of itself, and overall I am truly blessed. Nevertheless, I feel I would be remiss if somehow, some way, I did not address the absolute absurdity of the times.

So I come back to a question that is a recurring question in my thoughts. My father said the same things about the craziness of the times as he perceived them in his sixties. I can’t say I actually struggle with the question, but it is a wondering. Are the times really as crazy as they feel to me or is it a perception that comes to people as they reach a certain age and perhaps a certain stage in their lives?

As my friend Richie says, he who dies owing the most wins.

September 4, 2015