I was going to do a blog called Reflections based upon some pictures I took at the park the other day when we were walking Nikki. Nikki is our Chihuahua; Rachel loved Nikki and spent hours soaking her with licks. Boy, I think, how great it would be if we could just quit our stupidity and spend our time loving each other. (Soaking with licks, for us, would be strictly optional and only by mutual agreement.)

Instead of Reflections, a question about wondering. The question itself is simple, the answers, as you might expect, or suspect, are difficult and complex at best.

The question: what is really going on? The question a bit more guided: what is really going on while we are being continually deluged with inane subterfuge?

After reading other entries on this blog, in case you still didn’t know it, I do have political opinions and I definitely have political leanings. I try not to be too political because I’ve seen some opinions posted on Facebook by people I know and love that really put me off, not so much for the opinion as for the advocating of the opinion with a presentation of facts that are clearly not facts but which are presented as facts. When one of my Freshman Debate Teams could poke holes in an argument wide enough for a tractor-trailer to pass through sideways, I wonder how some really, really educated adults can post political opinions based upon non-facts they call facts and then choose to say they are facts and to believe them as well.

I guess you know: it depends upon what the definition of is is.

To debunk the politics angle here, I go back to the riots at Ohio State University that directly led to the Kent State shootings, 1970. Richard Nixon was president. Undercover police and FBI agents started those riots. I was there; I personally saw it. Why? What was really going on? I’m not going to answer the question. I leave that to you and suggest that they had an agenda, Nixon on down, and the agenda conflicted with the wave of demonstrations that had swept the nation and grown to such magnitude that something had to be done.

Why was Bill Clinton impeached? We have 535 Congressmen. Why weren’t they all put under oath and asked if they’d ever cheated on their spouses or significant others? How many of them would’ve lied under oath? How many of them would have been guilty of the same perjury Clinton was accused of? What was really going on? (And don’t forget that the Speaker of the House mostly responsible for the impeachment had to leave office for the same need-I-say-more reason.)

So what is really going on in this world? ISIS is out there and growing and Obama thinks global warming is our biggest concern. Yesterday another 88 Christians were taken captive.* The news reported that some of the teenage girls are being sold on the slave market for as little as a pack of cigarettes. Really? Global Warming? (Others of those girls are being used to lure new ISIS members.)

Education?  Check this site out just for fun, because in our dumbed-down U.S. world it puts the stats out easily understood and without having to look too hard (God forbid anyone should have to do that, God forbid I should say God).

Political correctness, gay marriage (or changing the traditional definition of marriage), racial relations and the police—why are these the issues dominating our news and behavior these days? Why aren’t we concerned with the budget deficit (now over 18 trillion), or that for the first time in history more than 50 percent of our leaders are millionaires and these millionaires seem to be quite out of touch with reality? Or, why is Congress so dysfunctional? Why is Russia taking the Ukraine while the United States is doing nothing? What about China and the islands being seized? And then, the pièce de résistance: why are we even negotiating with a country that has as one of its prime directives the annihilation of Israel? Okay, we might have started, given it a shot, but when it refused to move away from being committed to obliterating one of our greatest allies and in-your-faced it at us instead, why are we still there?

What’s really going on in our world today and why?

* Written 8/2/2015

RIP Nikki (succumbed to heart failure on September 18, 2015 at age of 7)