Once they began to change the definition of marriage, I said as a joke that I wanted to marry a second woman and a horse too because that is my right. (Huckabee has spoken to this, to polygamy and marrying animals, as the natural extension of messing with the traditional definition of marriage.) Bestiality be damned! If we’re not concerned about the genocides taking place under our noses (we even celebrate some of the people who have committed them as heroes) why be concerned if I marry a horse? Shouldn’t my horse-spouse be entitled to my Social Security spousal and death benefits?

So what really is going on?

I’ve talked before about Nancy Pelosi’s wealth curve since she’s been in public office. Way back when, when my father was about my age now, he thought the world had gone crazy. Sometimes I ask my friends if that is an age-related perception. Is it just my perception that the U.S. is going crazy (and the world too), or is that perception real? Talk about craziness, when I was in public school and all the way through high school and college, we learned about the USSR and its Politburo, that ruling class of leaders who were better and better off than the common folk. Isn’t this exactly what our Congress has become? Take a good look at them, our Congressmen: more than half of them millionaires. Look at what they say and do, both the Donkeys and the Elephants. Crazy! Despicable! How are we, the U.S., any different or any better now than what they taught us the Soviet Union was like?

Wait a minute! Let me pinch myself. I’m not supposed to think that way about the land of the free and the home of the brave. You know, the place where all of a sudden the IRS investigates political foes of the president. The place where the Secret Service investigates Congressmen who present them in a bad light. The place where all of a sudden you can get into government trouble, to wit an audit, for not belonging to correct political party, where you have to hesitate before declaring a party for fear of government retribution.

I’ve mentioned before that my father-in-law used to say that man, by nature, oops, sorry, humankind, by nature, oops sorry, people-kind, by nature, are selfish and greedy. Is that what’s really going on? Is all this craziness about greed?

As a reality check: can I write myself a mortgage contract and go into the bank and ask the loan officer to sign it before s/he reads it? I don’t think so. How can Harry Reid simply get away with lying about Mitt Romney’s taxes and when caught say it was okay because “Well, he didn’t get elected.”

So what is really going on and why are we deluged with inanity and insanity instead of head-on reality aimed at solving some of the big issues out there? If we put our self-centered and selfish personal feelings and ambitions aside for a moment, we might actually be able to work on some of them, or at the very least we might be able to begin to see what we actually believe in and figure out how to start living up to our beliefs.

October 6, 2015

Originally written September, 2015