The other morning I was thinking that one overriding question which has evolved seven years into this particular presidency is: Why should we be worrying about the same things our parents and grandparents worried about?

For me, this brings up a whole set of remembrances dealing with my heritage and my family. Most immediately, I think about my Uncle Martin who used to carry around a transistor radio listening to the news in Yiddish. He was listening to the Jewish news, ever-concerned about the survival of a then fledgling country named Israel. Israel was and is about as old as me, born May 14, 1948. (I was born in June 1949.) As a human being I am a bit to the latter part of middle-age, even perhaps old, but as a nation Israel is a mere infant. The USA was two hundred thirty-nine on its last birthday and it is still only a baby.

Israel’s birth came a short three years after my father was liberated from Stalag 3B Furstenberg after he spent more than three years as a prisoner of the Third Reich during WWII. Yes, he was a Jew in a POW camp. Yes, unlike the two men in front of him in line at their arrival at the camp, he told the truth, that he was Jewish. Those two men who lied were shot the next morning. My father never spoke about his war experiences and he never spoke about his POW time except for two stories, one of which was that one. The other has to do with his interment in Italy and my Aunt Matilda, but more of that later. The reason he told the Germans the truth, he said, was because he had been in an Italian prison camp first and by the time he got to the German prison camp he no longer cared if he lived or died.

Uncle Martin worried about Israel. He worried about the survival of the Jews. My father’s family emigrated here legally from Hungary. Two hundred seventy-five thousand (275,000) Hungarians were killed in the Holocaust, you know, the Holocaust the Iranians deny ever occurred. My mother’s family emigrated here legally from Czechoslovakia. Approximately two hundred sixty-three thousand (263,000) Czechoslovakian Jews were killed. If not for their having made their ways to this country, I would not have been born and perhaps the whole of my father’s and mother’s families, like many, many families of Jews, would have been obliterated. And you might once again add, as I do in my thoughts, obliterated in that Holocaust which according to Iran, the country this president negotiates with despite its steadfast and unrelenting commitment to permanently removing Israel from the face of this earth, never occurred.

Tell that to the eleven million (11,000,000) people who were killed during the Holocaust.

I have to stop for a moment to record here that a total of eleven million (11,000,000) people, 1.1 million of them children, were killed during the Holocaust. Six million (6,000,000) of those victims were Jewish; two-thirds of the Jews living in Europe at the time of World War II were killed by Nazis. Other groups targeted by the Nazis were Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals and disabled people, to name just a few, such that a full five million (5,000,000) non Jews were killed as well. Only fourteen million (14,000,000) Jews remain alive today.

The other day this US president referred to the Israelis as terrorists, likening them to those who kill Jews simply because they are Jews, likening them to those who join Iran in the quest to eliminate Jews from the face of the earth, likening them to those who wantonly kill women and children and innocent elderly people, to those who would deny Israel’s right to exist. Israel’s survival under this US administration is already in great peril. This president’s reckless terminology, which he purposefully and repeatedly utilizes, now makes its survival even more difficult. This president seems to have no regard for Israel or for any of the American allies. This Obama would give more than one hundred billion (100,000,000,000) dollars to Iran to further its goals of annihilating Israel, conducting terrorism throughout the Middle East and arming terrorists throughout the world. He fashions himself a man of peace; in reality his is the greatest funder of Islamic terrorism ever. No wonder nearly a third of Americans still believe this president is a Muslim. He celebrates a Muslim boy who built a bomb-like structure at the White House because the boy got into trouble with school and the police, but he does not even contact the family of Kate Steinle, the woman killed by an illegal alien who had been deported 5 times. And there are countless examples of his biases in favor of Muslims (and others) and against Americans—I’m sure I don’t have to name them.

My Uncle would find America’s behavior under this administration inconceivable. Anyone with any relation to anyone who suffered losses in the Holocaust would find its behavior the same. And that is not even putting judgmental terms to it, because, in fact, its behavior is simply reprehensible and very often bizarre.

So, why should we be worrying about the same things our parents and grandparents worried about?  Why has this administration brought the free world back to a real concern for its very survival? Haven’t we as a nation, we as a people, we as human beings learned anything?

By this administration’s behavior, apparently not. This Obama demonstrates the greatest (and most blatant) hypocrisy I’ve ever seen. He truly believes, and this is the scariest part, that because he says he is right, he is right, that because he says he is transparent, he is transparent, that because he says he cares, he actually cares.

Take a look at this. See what the Jews are up against, what the Americans are up against and what the world will be more and more up against as we move more into the midst of a religious war and fail to act accordingly. Didn’t Europe and the U.S. try to appease Hitler? That worked out well, didn’t it?