My father spent three and a half years in a Nazi POW camp, Stalag 3B Furstenberg, during WWII. When he was liberated he was so thin this government isolated him for six weeks to fatten him up. The truth about the Holocaust and what occurred in the concentration camps and POW camps matters to me. It should matter to everyone, but I can only speak for myself.

My cousin Jon was killed in nine-eleven. He was on the 87th floor of the World Trade Tower, exactly where the plane hit. The details about what was found of his remains are too gruesome to put here. I truly hope he died instantly and did not have to suffer. The truth about what occurred and why matters to me. It should matter to everyone, but I can only speak for myself.

Yesterday, Mrs. Clinton testified on Capitol Hill. Personally I am not a Hillary Clinton fan. I don’t think she can do any worse than Obama as president but only because it will be pretty hard for anyone to do worse than him, not impossible, but pretty hard. I’m not crazy about most of the Republican candidates either, and I’m certainly not crazy about their performances over the past seven years. I am probably one of that vast majority of people who believes our government has gone haywire, is completely lost and needing to find its way back to being our representatives rather than our Politburo-style bosses.

The old joke about how you know if a lawyer is lying applies here. The response to that is if his/her lips are moving. I don’t blame Hillary for everything about Benghazi, but she is complicit in what happened and she clearly lied to the American people about what happened. So did Susan Rice, Jay Carney and most importantly, so did Obama. The truth about what occurred and why matters to me. It should matter to everyone, but I can only speak for myself. I know for sure it matters to the families of the four people who died.

I’d like to know where Obama physically was that night and what he was doing. I’d like to know why they held to the story of the video and who created the story. I’d like to know if help was told to stand down and why, and I’d like to know why the accounts of first-hand observers and people who were involved first-hand there in Benghazi differ from the story we’ve been told.

The joke is on us.

Harry Reid admittedly lied about Mitt Romney’s taxes and was proud of it because Romney did not get elected. President Clinton was impeached for lying about marital infidelities (they said it was about lying under oath but that wasn’t true since it was about an attempt to get rid of him as president or at the very least undermine his presidency) and Newt Gingrich, who led the charge against Clinton, had to resign his office for the same lies about infidelities. Nancy Pelosi says you have to sign it to see what’s in it and Hillary says she should be elected president simply because she is a woman.

Our government should be ashamed of itself but it isn’t. We should be ashamed of ourselves for tolerating what our government does by electing people who continue to perpetrate the obvious idiocies we are repeatedly seeing now. The Democrats showed all day yesterday and especially in that rift between Cummings and Gowdy that the truth is not what is wanted or what is important, that their power and keeping it is their utmost importance and their only priority. Perhaps the Republicans showed that too if you believe their whole goal is to destroy Hillary.

The joke is on us American people. They, that American-Politburo, is perpetrating a farce upon us, and they are dumbing-down our education system to be able to continue doing so.

What really happened in Benghazi? Where was the president while it was happening and what was he doing? Exactly who made the decisions about help for those on the ground in Benghazi? Was the help told to stand down? Who told them what to do? Why did Susan Rice hold to that video story on all the Sunday shows when, as we now know, the government clearly knew it was a lie?

Will we the American people ever know? The joke is on us for tolerating this outrageously dysfunctional government.