About three-quarters of the way down the street from where I live they are building a new Holiday Inn Express. For all the time I have lived here that lot has been fenced off and empty and has remained undisturbed except for a little traffic from vehicles which went inside every so often, part of what I thought was the business of the construction company who owned the lot as per the sign that was on the fence.

One day, out of nowhere, the fence was gone and a three-foot high curtain type border went all around the empty field. Since that day, the sign for what is being built was put up and the hustle and bustle of construction has begun. They are still in the process of leveling the lot, and since I’m not a construction worker, what I suppose is still happening is they are readying the lot for laying the foundation of what’s to come. Thus far it has meant clearing rocks and boulders and leveling and steam rolling the dirt, et. al.

The lot is a corner lot at the intersection where the street I live on meets a State Route which is patrolled by the State Highway Patrol. Directly across the State Route where my street ends in it is a Highway Patrol Station (10-4? 10-4, if you remember Broderick Crawford and Highway Patrol), and turning right along that road next to the lot is a turtle crossing area and what was a turtle reserve. I don’t know now if it still is. I’ve never seen a turtle crossing; I’ve never seen a turtle there. Right beside the Highway Patrol Station is the entrance to a major State highway, the beginning part of the trip back to New York from where I now live. Directly across the lot on my street is a barber shop and that is what this is about.

I’ve never been in that barber shop, but I see the cars in the parking lot and occasionally the customers coming and going. Further up the street are houses on both sides. These houses are relatively close together and set on smaller plots like what you might find in the suburbs of NYC or any city. Further down, maybe a quarter of a mile, the characters of my street and the houses change somewhat. It becomes really country. Where I am is very country and the houses on my side of the street, like mine, have large woods, forest-like woods, in the back yard. Along these forest-like woods is a salamander preserve. Behind many of the houses across the street from mine, though not immediately, is a lake, perhaps where the turtles that I’ve never seen come to and from.

Luck. That barber shop and a pottery studio are the only two businesses on the street. I believe they both will greatly benefit from the people who stay in the new Holiday Inn. People always need haircuts and it couldn’t be more convenient. All you have to do is walk across a two-lane street. Since our town is noted for being an antique center, and since the pottery studio is long-standing and well-known, I should think it will get many new visitors. You could walk there if you wanted in an easy ten minutes.

Luck. As far down as where I live, I think we will be unaffected by the new Inn. But I keep wondering about the houses right there, the noise, the dust, the construction vehicles, the dirt and the tumult. Wow! That will end, but then there will be the traffic and congestion and noise and smells from the Inn. And what about the property values? Personally, I wouldn’t want to live in the house next to the barber shop or the ones on the same side as the construction right next to the lot.

In the end, when all is settled and the thing is built and operational, who knows what will be? But it reminds me about luck and one of the questions that has interested me all my life. How come one dog in the shelter is adopted and the one right next to it is euthanized?


October 16, 2015