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It’s pretty simple to me. The climate won’t matter at all if we destroy ourselves. Therefore, climate control, global warming, whatever you want to call it, cannot be the most important issue before America and/or the free world today.

Ask the Parisians what they think the most important issue before them is. Ask the Israelis. Ask the Germans and the Greeks and the Brits. Their answers might range from survival and self-preservation to economic issues, but it won’t be climate control, pollution, global warming. Not one of them would say that the severe winters we’ve had recently were caused by global warming and not one of them would say that that the terrorists are violent because of the climate getting more hot.

Are we really that stupid as to believe statements like that?

The facts about climate change are that the facts are not definitive. The majority quote is a 97% consensus of agreement about climate change that has remained pretty much constant over the last decade. Very few scientists actually refute the idea of climate change, and within that consensus the main cause for the change is a concentration of human produced CO2 gasses. Thus, any way you look at it, climate change is an issue.

But the issue of climate change is complicated by several factors. First is politics. Climate change is a political issue as much as a scientific one. Since it is a huge political issue, how much of the consensus has been built by funding of the organizations doing the research and the subsequent political pressure of finding the “correct results” that would ensure continued funding? Or, what would happen if an organization funded by public funds from government went against the government position on the matter?

A second factor complicating climate change is its real trend. Is this an everlasting trend or a cyclical matter? There is no answer that can reasonably be gleaned for this since our record-keeping timeframe is miniscule compared to all time.

A third factor is its real effect. Any attempts to generate predictions of the real effects, the time frame for real effects, etc. border on science fiction. We can measure the Co2 gasses now and predict a future progression based upon the past progression we’ve measured. But we can’t account for climate itself and what the climate itself will do. We can’t account for natural disasters and we can’t attribute all natural disasters to climate change.

In short we don’t know any of these things.

But we do know that climate change won’t matter if Iran starts a nuclear war by attempting to obliterate Israel, or if North Korea starts a nuclear war trying to destroy South Korea or the U.S., or if China and Russia gain enough power to ruin our economy and destroy freedom. Climate change won’t matter if the free world is destroyed because the totalitarian world in all its time before the free world has not done for mankind what the free world has done since its modern inception. The true leaders of the beneficial humanist activities in the world are freedom and capitalism, pure and simple.

And then there’s one last major problem with the climate change issue. The world’s two greatest polluters, China and India, aren’t quite on board with doing something about it. They are busy profiting from their lack of regard for the issue and consequent lack of restraints toward it.

Yes, climate change is an issue. Yes it needs attention. But it is simply not rational for any American leader, would-be American leader or free-world leader to say that climate change is our most important issue in the world today.

If we believe them when they do say that, we deserve what we get, but worse than that, we are dooming our children and grandchildren to lives very likely worse than ours.

If we don’t tend to the more important matters at hand, what will be left will be rubble and rocks. And they won’t care about climate change.