S & W 442 AirweightHere we go again.  We see the shooting last Friday and we start to hear the BS. From the president, if you can call him that, we once again hear that we need more gun control. Really?

He also says we need an honest debate about abortion without demonizing groups like Planned Parenthood. Really? The demonization of Planned Parenthood, this time around, wasn’t about abortion. It was about what types of abortions they perform, how they perform them and what they do with the body parts. But, never let a good crisis go to waste.

I spoke awhile back on this blog about throuples, a new term that has arisen since the redefinition of marriage. A throuple is a three-parent couple, and of course it is the first step toward including polygamy in the definition of marriage. Honestly, polygamy  is the natural progression, as I see it. In one sense, throuples and polygamy are by-products of the redefinition of marriage.

So much of what we are looking at these days are by-products of actions that have occurred, on purpose or not, rather than as a result of the direct actions. Yet instead of looking at them as such, we hear the rhetoric linking them to direct causes.

I agree with Obama that we need to examine ways to make sure guns, legal or illegal, do not end up in the hands of people who are mentally imbalanced, the “people who are deranged or have violent tendencies,” as he puts it.  But more gun legislation is false rhetoric. The by-product of the gun legislation we currently have is that the criminals have guns and  many of the  illegal guns find their ways into the hands of gang members and youths who buy them on the illegal markets. Making the restrictions tighter will further increase the amount of illegal guns, not decrease them.

The real question then becomes how can we accomplish what the president said (in the quotes above). The simple answer is real enforcement of the laws we have. It is that simple. No rhetoric and no BS are needed. I won’t go into it, but in some cities the penalties for having illegal guns are so  minimal that they are almost non-existent, kind of like the non-existent penalties to sanctuary cities for not enforcing the immigration laws.

So let’s get down to it.

I saw on a web site the other day that You’re 7 Times More Likely To Be Killed By A Conservative Terrorist Than A Muslim Extremist. This may very well be true in terms of the math, but how much of it is real? Really? It is a statement meant to create false impressions, whose by-products are meant to instill fear of many different things, from guns to conservatives, and a lot in between. It is intended to change focal points away from honest discussions of real issues.

How much is real? Really? Look at the Chicago Homicide Rates. Look at the DOJ crime statistics. Do a little research about gun ownership and check out some different sources to get a feel for the reality of illegal guns on our streets, who have them, how they get them, what the penalties for having them are. That is the real discussion about guns.

Chicago murder stats
About DOJ crime statistics
Another perspective about harmful narratives

Then maybe we can talk about why there are about 280 million guns in America.

Only in looking at issues in their totalities, absent rhetoric and BS and false imagery, electronic or otherwise, can we have real discussions about real issues.

See the gun in the picture at the top? It won’t hurt anyone. The best thing I’ve ever heard about guns was when I heard someone say: don’t want the gun to go off, keep your finger off the trigger, stupid.

There’s an update to this: as I’ve been writing it, the incident in San Bernadino has occurred and the investigations are ongoing. To be clear, when all is said and done, I hope our government and local law enforcement will let us know what is really going on there, really, no matter where the investigations lead. The president has already called again for more gun control.