logical illogical 1Sometimes my eight-year-old says two plus two plus two is seven and holds to her opinion no matter what I do. We count it out on circles or a number chart and I tell her it’s six no matter what she says. She’ll hold to the seven until she’s tired of the game and then tell me she knew it was six all along.

We’ve come into an era where the absence of logic and the logical thinking through of things is astounding. Astounding.

One of the pundits analyzing it said, “if it quacks like a duck…” talking about the terrorist attack in San Bernardino before it was called a terrorist attack. To even consider workplace violence once the first traces of evidence came in was not logical. For the president to have delayed as he did in labeling it and for him to still continue delaying labeling it Islamic jihadist terrorism is also illogical.logical illogical2

Having coached the debate team at the high school I taught in for ten years, and having taught forensics in that high school and in college too, I am flabbergasted by where our absence of logic has taken us.

This particular entry is not meant to be “political” in any way.  A good, simple statement to reflect the non-partisan intentions of this particular entry is that there is enough hypocrisy on both sides, Donkeys and Elephants, to go around. Name them if you want to. What we see from both sides is a whole lot of “the pot calling the kettle black.” For almost all of the candidates (not all) on both teams, logically, there is enough material in their videos, recorded statements, speeches and votes to consider disqualifying them from holding office, let alone from being president.

In short, these days we are being led by a class of people who are proven liars, some of whom admit to lying and are proud of it. This same class of people break the law, use the intricacies of the law and the power of their positions to skirt the law or affect how the law is implemented. It is no secret that our current justice department, in and of itself, only applies the law, only enforces the law, as it chooses.

All that said, a warning is kind of due. It’s the old, “Be careful, you might just get what you ask for.”

To vote for Hillary because she is a woman and isn’t it about time for a woman to be president isn’t logical. To have impeached her husband because he lied under oath about having whatever with Monica Lewinsky and having the impeachment led by Newt Gingrich who later had to resign his position for the same infidelity reason, wasn’t logical. No matter what you think of Trump, to compare him to Hitler isn’t logical. You might compare Hitler to Genghis Khan though. That would be logical. Comparing Trump to Hitler is the same illogical rhetoric the left continually blames on the right and the right continually blames on the left: it’s the old all or nothing argument; it’s the old scare-tactics strategy.illogical4

It’s time for all of us to take our heads out of our electronics and start looking deeply into facts. The facts tell it all. Maybe we should check out who owns our print media and our broadcast media and how ownership affects the news as it is reported. Maybe we should check out how the war on poverty is going, by the numbers. Maybe we should check out the realities of the gun control laws and the implementation of gun control laws and how their implementation affects who has the guns whether the guns are purchased legally or not.

I’ve said for a long time that either we want to know the truth or not. If we don’t search for the truth, we will get what we deserve, and we won’t like what we get. It’s that simple.