quill-pen-300x300This was written a touch over six months ago. For me, in some ways it kinds of sums up where we seem to be at and where we seem to be going. The  story  passed, as they all do. It made its splash and the ripples faded into the waters as they always do.  I hope it encapsulates the lack of logic and sensibility being heaped upon us. I hope we take heed of that final word below.

We’ve hit a new depth in craziness with the resignation of Rachel Dolezal, the NAACP president in Spokane, Washington, due to allegations of her lying about her race.

There’s no other way to put it.

The resignation isn’t crazy; her racial identification isn’t crazy, nor does it matter to me. In fact it shouldn’t really matter to anyone. Feelings aren’t facts.

No, the craziness lies in the ensuing conversation I heard on Fox News the next mornings, or more precisely in the argument on one side of the debate conducted on the Fox show. So before I go any further, this is not an attack on Fox and I applaud that station for holding the debate on the possible ramifications of Dolezal’s racial identification in today’s politically correct world. Further, I confess I haven’t heard any other station’s reports which is why Fox is the station named herein.

In short, the argument was about whether Dolezal could actually be classified as part of the race she identified herself with in today’s world. Think about it. Just think about it!

Herein lies one of the major problems of changing the definition of marriage to accommodate the LGBT community or any community. Having spoken about this in previous blogs, I won’t totally reiterate here, but Huckabee brings to light the idea that next, and what’s to stop it, the definition of marriage would have to include polygamy, which isn’t so bad maybe considering your viewpoint (although for me one woman is actually one more than I can deal with most times) and bestiality. I’ve said, and this is a reiteration, that I wanted to marry another woman and a horse simply because it is my right once the definition of marriage is altered. I’m not even asking the government to provide me with hay, because surely my horse has no income and could be eligible for food stamps. In fact, as I think of it, my family would be eligible for all kinds of government support since my number of dependents would increase and my tax burden lessen and in the new situation I might be able to get an earned income credit refund without paying any taxes. In effect, such actions by many citizens could ensure that we bankrupt the government much more quickly than we are doing it now so that the greatest nation ever could go down in a blaze of glory making the fall of the Roman Empire a mere triviality.

Think about it.

When I was teaching forensics, I used to ask my students how a nation could be founded upon the notion that all men are created equal and then have slavery. The question was meant as a sensibility shocker and as a statement of my own personal amazement and disbelief that such a thing could transpire. Of course I knew the answer to the question and my students did too: the pen is mightier than the sword since the direct answer is grounded in definition and classification, two rhetorical techniques taught in English Composition class.

At one point about twenty-five years ago, the United States was the only remaining superpower. I am equally amazed and can’t believe that we let that get away from us. In fact, if we keep on as we are, we will no longer be a world leader at all and will find ourselves subjugated to a power we don’t like, a power that will not allow us to live as free beings, in which case this whole discussion will not only be moot but will be muted too.

Any other country you know ever give up its power? Would our all-wonderful, millionaire congressmen do that? Would they give up their power or their wealth? It is crazy. But the Dolezal thing puts the craziness slide into hyper gear. While it is not about her per se, her case so perfectly represents the slip-slide PC idiocy that has brought us to our knees.

This morning I woke up feeling really disabled. I already have a hip replacement and I think my knee on the same side is going. I had terrible pain in the night and am having real trouble with it now. According to the proponents of being-classified-as-you-feel-you-are, I should be classified as disabled and be able to apply for and get Social Security benefits based upon my disability. Then I could apply for and immediately get a 75 per cent disability pension instead of working my whole life for the much smaller  one that might be due me.

It depends upon what the definition of is is.

Think about it.

The end result of all this craziness is chaos and if our movies are any indication, we are headed right there, most of us without weapons because despite the constitution our leaders don’t really want us to have them. Mad Max and Escape from New York and The Book of Eli are three of the movies I have in mind. The first two are kind of the ones that started it all and have led the way, and the latter one is just one that does it really well and ends with the type of salvation that might just save us all. By the way, I really, really like Denzel Washington movies. Does that allow me to classify myself as African American? Maybe I can classify myself that way because I taught in the Bronx, NY for twenty-five years and was generally the only Caucasian in my classrooms for all those years. Would I then be eligible for reparations if they ever came along or for some of the redistribution of wealth under way now? Gee, I didn’t get an Obama-phone or Obama-cash.

Yesterday, I woke up and felt like I was a doctor. I’ve watched a lot of Ben Casey on TV and have been watching General Hospital since I was a kid (not really but I did watch it when I was in college some forty years ago) and I watch some of those shows that do the autopsies and operations and even lots of the real-life stuff that’s on on the cable channels. I want to be called doctor (although if I’m classified as a doctor the IRS might not give me the earned income tax credit refund, so I might have to rethink this) and I am hoping some of you will see fit to come to me as patients.

Once you start the slip-slide, where does it end? Who determines where it ends? Our leaders? The ones with weapons? Some other power that has overpowered us because they aren’t hung up on this craziness?

A friend of mine who is an Orthodox Rabbi, a true Rabbi, once told me that the reason Judaism has survived all this time in its original form is because it never changes. It adapts sometimes, but it never changes. (A simple example of adaptation is the Sabbath elevator in some high rise buildings that runs continuously on Sabbath and holidays stopping on all floors and doors opening automatically.) This Rabbi isn’t a Rabbi because he identifies with Rabbis. He studied most of his life to be a Rabbi and still studies more than anyone I’ve ever known who has multiple doctoral degrees. He actually is a true learned man, the real definition of a Rabbi.

Isn’t it time we get back to our senses and figure out the ways to accommodate all the alternative life styles without destroying the one that has brought us to the point of real consideration of all life styles? Isn’t it idiotic to destroy traditional life styles and traditional beliefs simply to accommodate alternative ones? Isn’t that paradoxical? Ironic?

As an aside, I just read this to my wife and her response was that the answer to the slavery issue and all the rest of the idiocy being perpetrated upon is encapsulated in one word: GREED.

Written 6/19/15