quill-pen-300x300There was a story the other day about a school district in Chicago where female students spoke out against allowing a transgender student to change in the female locker room. Apparently the school made all sorts of accommodations for this student. The school offered the student her own locker room, gave her full use of girls bathrooms and it allowed her participation on girl’s athletic teams. But she sued the district anyway saying she wanted to feel like a girl in every way and not being able to use the girls’ locker room denied her that feeling. The Federal Government agreed and found the district in violation of Title IX. It then withheld the Federal funds, which turns out to be a considerable sum.  Finally  the school acquiesced and made accommodations inside the locker room.  But in the end, students spoke out against this and so the issue continues.

This one is really a tough one all around. It so fully represents the difficulties our society faces, and on some level that is a tribute to our society. In Russia, this kid and her family would be off to Siberia. In Communist China she would not be allowed to be what she feels she is. In some of the even more harsh totalitarian countries, ones some of our liberal celebrities pay homage to, she would be abused horribly and would then simply disappear one night. In those places she would be forced to suppress what she really feels she is or suffer the ultimate consequence.

In America we try to accommodate this child and in so doing a whole host of issues are created and a whole lot of people are made uncomfortable and even to feel that their personal freedoms and individual beliefs have been violated. And they have, and there’s the rub.

First, I feel for the transgender child. I believe that one can be a female trapped in a male body, or vice versa. And I even believe that these people should be able to be who they feel they are. It’s a really tough one, but that’s part of being free. But I also feel for the females who don’t want to change in a locker room with this child since she still has male body parts. And I don’t think they should be made to do so. No matter what accommodations the school and the school district make, if the females feel uncomfortable, the solution needs reworking and certainly reasonable compromise by both sides.

Some students say that the girls who spoke out have ideological objections to “transgenderism” and that is why they are speaking out. That’s okay too. They are entitled to their beliefs and if here they coincide, so be it. Other female students there say that at their ages, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen, they are uncomfortable changing in front of each other, that that is hard enough. The transgender student just makes it so much worse.

So what’s a school district to do? What’s a school to do? What’s an involved student and an involved parent to do?

For the Federal Government to squeeze the school district financially is wrong. This seems to be one of those political correctness issues for which there is no perfect solution, so to strong-arm a solution is as wrong as the mafia squeezing payoffs. The Feds can’t continue violating citizen’s rights, only selectively enforcing laws and using its power in such personal and private-sensibility issues. Furthermore, the PC police can’t keep upsetting all logic and sensibilities. It is time for the majorities to speak up, talk out and fight for their rights and enforcement of their feelings. So I applaud the students who spoke up here.

Perhaps another type of solution should be offered up. Why not have a transgender student locker room? It would be as equal as a girls locker room and a boys locker room, and as legal as either one under Title IX.  It should be placed right between the girls and boys locker rooms and should be transitional, only for those people in transition who have not completed the journey. If that transgender student is the only one who changes there, so be it. It seems to me that her wanting to be able to feel like a girl in every way, while understandable, is impossible since she is not a girl in every way yet. Her refusal to make any compromise, despite being offered more than one-could-ask for in all other accommodations, moves her into the realm of denying others their one hundred per cent desired feelings. All others accepted the many compromises. Perhaps she should be find it within herself to be compromising too.

Yup, this is a tough one. Clearly though, the Feds should butt out and let the parties concerned find their own solutions.