Continuing to bitch and moan at this president, if you can call him a president, is now pointless. Sad to say, he is a legend only in his own mind. His world is not our world, and his world will never be our world. He is a master of rhetoric, the living example of the power of words although sadly the sum effect of his words translates into the powerlessness of the United States. That, the weakening of the greatest and most benevolent country ever, no matter what you think of its politics and policies, is something not to be taken lightly. Actually, and in effect, the global consequences of a weak and ineffectual United States can be staggering, can potentially be devastating. Obama in his Obama-world could care less.

We should have known better. We should have been smarter than to elect a person simply because he is Black. But we haven’t seemed to learn anything from that type of thinking if Hillary Clinton is any indication. She wants us to elect her because she is a woman and isn’t it about time we had a woman president? That’s one of her arguments. With women as a large part of the voting electorate, that may be a likelihood. God help us!

The other day in his town hall, the Obama blamed the Republicans for the gun problems in America. He named them first and the NRA next, and in his most unbecoming way, he chided the NRA for not attending the town hall. The head of the NRA said they would have attended if they were allowed a real dialogue. But all they were offered was to present one pre-screened question, so they could not see the point of attending. This Obama, in his most characteristic way, would have bullied them while professing to abhor and wholeheartedly fight against bullying.

Yes. That is this Obama in a nutshell.

It began early on. Mrs. O, when working for that hospital in Chicago, advocated for treating the poor but fixed it so her hospital did not accept indigent patients. Then Mr. and Mrs. O voiced support for the school voucher program but fixed it so the school their kids went to did not accept kids on vouchers. Then, even before he was elected, the Obama said he would not monetize the debt. However, he did that in spades, and his finance department has been printing money non-stop for the past seven years. Now true to his blame-game strategy and his not-my-fault nature, he claims it’s the rich people’s faults (rich people being synonymous with Republicans) that the spread between rich and poor has so dramatically widened. The fact of the matter is that his money policy has been a major cause of the gap widening, not the Obama-created evil rich. Ask Nancy Pelosi how she’s done in this Obama zero-interest-rate stock market.

Of course this goes on and on. In fact, it’s almost too easy to criticize this would-be president. Guns? Guns aren’t the problem. A gun doesn’t go off if you keep your fingers off the trigger. Gun crimes, despite Obama, have declined. The majority of gun crimes are committed by people with illegal guns and the availability of guns on the black market is a real problem. But enforcement of gun laws has dramatically decreased in Mr. O’s lack-of-Justice department, so he is in good part responsible for those illegal guns and for criminals and gang-youths not being afraid to have them or use them.  I wonder if this wasn’t part of Eric Holder’s don’t prosecute blacks plan. Furthermore, Harry Reid’s and Mr. O’s cronies  blocking Kate’s Law sent a perfect message to the criminals and all illegal gun possessors about just how okay it is for them to continue in their ways. Wasn’t that Eric Holder who let those guns get into the hands of the drug cartels?

You can’t much argue with Obama. He doesn’t know about anything, isn’t responsible for anything, and most scary, he doesn’t exist in the same world we live in. And you have to admit he has done what he said he would. He is the most transparent president ever. You can more clearly see his bigotry, hypocrisy and dishonesty than that in any other administration.