Just wow.

Sometimes I wonder if these guys listen to what they say. Do they read their own interviews? Do they watch the shows they’re on so they see what they say? Do they ever consider how ridiculous they are? Their hypocrisy is stunning, their lack of sense and sensibility staggering.

Let’s start here. Sean Penn is worth about 150 million dollars. Quentin Tarantino is worth about 100 million. Poor Michael Moore is only worth about 50 million. That’s about 300 million all together. They are not the downtrodden or the exploited, unless you want to count something like not getting the amount of millions per film they asked for as exploitation. I would be curious to see who their household help is, who their gardeners are; I’d be delighted to have them publish a complete list of their personnel and how much they are paid. I’d also like to see the amounts of money they have personally contributed to charity each year for the past five years. I don’t mean work they’ve done like making commercials and those sorts of things, but actual dollars donated from their own personal pockets. I’d also like to see the tax deductions they’ve taken for their charitable work. There’s talk that Mr. Penn used a good bit of his charity’s money for his own personal travel expenses.

Penn, Tarantino and Moore have exploited capitalism and continue to exploit the American public who goes to see their films. Furthermore, the first two have surely made some of the most violent and gory films ever. They can’t have it both ways. You can’t make your fortune promoting violence and then complain and even be a force advocating against the U.S. for its violent ways. You can’t be a capitalist and benefit from capitalism like they have and then go on to advocate against capitalism, specifically talking to its evils.

Want to see what a whore really is? Well that’s Mr. Tarantino and his speaking out against the police. Why did he do it? He did it for audience, nothing more. Then for him to be sorry (because the police are boycotting his film), what a pig.

Yes, America is the land of the free and at least so far we still have free speech. These guys can say what they want. But we don’t have to listen to them, we don’t have to give them media time and exposure, and we surely don’t have to support their films.

What we do have to do is learn from them and then apply what we learn from their examples to our politicians, especially the presidential hopefuls, those leaders who speak out of both sides of their mouths like they do.

And so it goes.