4 acesI’m not much of a gambler. I get angry when I lose and always feel as if I should have bought a pen instead of losing the money. I collect fountain pens and so that’s that. My father loved to gamble and most of his family did too. The reason I mention this is because there’s a high stakes card game going on right before our very eyes and it is a nefarious one with stakes as perilous as in James Bond’s game in Casino Royal. My father liked cards most of all.

 The first time I got a sense of this kind of thing was in a Jack Ryan movie when Ryan’s told he’s “got a chip in the big game now.” Maybe that shows how naive I am. Maybe I should have been cognizant of this a long time ago because I’m sure it’s not new for this presidential campaign. But recently on the news I heard it stated in just those terms.

 The issue being discussed was whether or not Hillary was going to be indicted. This issue, by the way, is one that is partly responsible for what is happening in the campaign on both the Democratic and Republican sides, an issue that is metaphoric for the distrust of politicians, political parties, our leaders in general and our system overall. It is by no means the only issue that could be used metaphorically, but it was the one on the table.

Everyone agreed that the FBI was building a case against her and the reporters, not the pundits, said their inside sources had told them they were ready to send the recommendation for indictment over to the justice department. In Obama’s tenure I’ve been fond of calling it the lack-of-justice department since apparently neither Obama nor Eric Holder seem to have read Martin Luther King Jr.’s writings. If they have read them, they surely haven’t learned anything about the universality of our laws and the universal application of them. Obama, and whoever is actually running him—is it really Valerie Jared?—have made a mockery of justice. They have not only broken and ignored laws, but they have only selectively enforced them. No one knows yet how Loretta Lynch will be. Maybe Hillary’s case will illuminate her true position.

The first two analysts said she wouldn’t be indicted, one because she didn’t do anything wrong, the other because it was political and as the leading Democratic candidate, they would think twice about upsetting the apple cart. The third one said that they wouldn’t indict her even with a strong FBI recommendation because no one knew what cards she was holding on Obama. She went on to state that Bill Clinton had people everywhere and the Clinton machine had enormous reach. She suggested that the Clintons might know things about Ben Ghazi or Fast and Furious that Obama would not want made public.

So there’s a game going on, very much like a poker game, and you have to be one of the elite insiders to sit in on this game. We the people are rarely reminded that it exists or that how things in our world are decided depends upon who holds what cards in that game. After all, to the high rollers our lives aren’t about us since we are here to serve them. Given the way they play the game, the concept of us being free is just a concept. We’re not free. We work for them.

Lord have Mercy on our souls.

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