einsteinWe hear a lot in the presidential campaigns about candidates lying and each one of the candidates can be heard opening a sentence with “The fact is…” In fact, however, none of them seem to know what a fact is. Actually, the pundits, commentators and politicians supporting or opposing candidates don’t seem to know either. This is truly sad on many levels and for many reasons. Furthermore, it is unbecoming in our society, unbecoming altogether, and perhaps symptomatic of the decline of our intellect and the intellectual leadership we once so proudly asserted globally.

Every one of the candidates has lied. That is a fact. It is empirically provable, and sadly, it is generally accepted and expected. Hillary supporters say they know she is dishonest but support her because they believe she is electable. So that’s the criteria now. Harry Reid boasted that his lie about Mitt Romney’s taxes meant that Romney didn’t get elected. Or, the former leader of the Senate endorsed lying. Wow! Ted Cruz lies so much that he may not know when he is lying. Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are guilty of lying too, though they are better at twisting facts for their personal benefit, which means they lie, just not as outrageously as their cronies.

Liar, liar, pants on fire. The latest distortion of facts centers on replacing Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The facts are…

Well, the process for replacing a Justice is clearly laid out. So in that regard the president and the Senate have their respective roles. This morning, when I heard a Democratic spokesperson saying that the fact was that the President had an obligation to do it quickly, the fact is that that is not a fact. it is an opinion. And the fact about Ted Cruz’s birth issue is only that he was born in Canada. What that means in terms of everything else is all opinion.

Unemployment per the latest report was 4.9%. That is a fact though it may or may not be challenged by different measurers. What that unemployment number means is not something inherent in the number itself. Whether it is good or bad, if it is a real measure or not, etc. are matters of discussion and interpretation. The point is that facts are used to build a case. Generally, facts are not the case themselves.

What you see is not always what you got. When I was playing high school football, the last three spots on the varsity squad were filled by the coach saying he was taking the next three makers of tackles, which he did. But the fact that those three guys made tackles did not mean they were good players or worthy of a spot on the varsity team. In the end, they occupied the spots but none of them ever played.

The more we dumb down our education, the less able we are to interpret facts. Personally, I believe education is purposefully being dumbed down for this reason. Like they used to say about keeping women barefoot and pregnant, I believe there is a concerted effort to dumb us down to keep us dependent and in our places.

My beliefs are not facts. But one thing is sure, the politicians and candidates should be much more careful in their presentation of facts and the untrue assertions of facts they present as facts.


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