quill-pen-300x300Only one of the remaining presidential candidates, Donald Trump, is not an insider. Any way you look at it, all the others are insiders. Some of them would like us to believe they are not because this is one of those election years where being an insider is not popular, and that is an understatement. But they are insiders. The very fact that they are insiders trying to deny they are shows how much they are politicians. Not all, but surely most politicians would say anything to get elected, and in this group of insiders they all would and most already have.

Hillary would have us believe she is an outsider because she is a woman. She wants us to vote for her because she is a woman. Does that really need any further discussion? Isn’t its sheer ridiculousness apparent?

Bernie is a socialist. Is that why he says he’s an outsider? Seems as if regardless of his beliefs, however, he is an insider just by position. Margaret Thatcher said “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

All the rest on both sides are simply insiders. But that doesn’t mean they are not good candidates or would or wouldn’t be good presidents. It only means they are part and parcel of the political establishment.

Personally, Ben Carson was probably the most human-life-oriented candidate and the one most focused on the integrity of America, Americans and American citizens. He gets criticized for being slow, but imagine how meticulous a brain surgeon has to be. He is surely an outsider and he brings a unique skill set to the race. Would he have made a good president? Who knows? He certainly is a man of integrity and a true humanist. But then that rules him out.

Donald Trump is a true outsider and a real maverick. He scares the establishment and if that isn’t obvious, let the campaigns against him, from the media to the general political establishment, do the articulation of it. Trump more than any other candidate has the ability to upset their apple carts, to show them for who and what they are, to make clear to the public what they have been doing for so long. It’s that simple. In part, they are afraid of him because he has contributed to many of them, the polite way of saying he has bought favors from them, and he isn’t afraid to say so. He is neither apologetic about it nor ashamed of it. True to what it is, paying them off is the price of doing business in this country and that is what they do not want brought to the light. Hence it’s stop Trump at all costs.

Would Trump be a good president? Who knows? One thing is sure. Stopping him is more a matter of the insiders protecting their collective asses and maintaining their corrupt status quo than it is a matter of whether or not he is a conservative or if he would be a good president.

Generally, the ones screaming the loudest are most guilty, in this case the ones with the most to hide. Generally they are the ones looking to keep what they’re doing from being exposed and hence stopped. That applies here. Surely those insiders are not trying to stop Trump for any other reason than he might just show the system to be what it is and doing that would surely not be good for them. That applies to some of the media too.

The louder they all scream and fight to stop Trump, the more we can believe they are only interested in protecting themselves and the less we can believe they are interested in the good of America. And that statement has nothing to do with whether or not Trump should be president or would make a good president.


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