legacyColor be damned! Kudos to Obama for being the first African-American president, but he hasn’t given us much else to laud him for. Seven years into his presidency, he is now all about his legacy and in the end that legacy will be the sum of his actions as well as the sum of his accomplishments and failures. In this regard, his not attending the funeral of Antonin Scalia is metaphoric for his pettiness and relentless partisanship, two characteristics sure to define him as a man and a president.

He began with such hope and promise. The kid from nowhere who defied all odds, he was in a classic sense the real American dream. Personally, who could ask for more? But for as great as his promise was, he was overcome by…his spite? his anger? his contempt for America? It’s a kind of fill in the blank. His words were grandiose, but his vision, despite what he would have us believe, has been myopic.

His myopic vision combined with his anger and spite led him to oversee a Justice Department that is biased and overtly unjust. Obama would have done better to have reviewed the writings of Martin Luther King Jr., for then he would have understood the true definition of laws and what they are supposed to be. He might have aspired to that. Instead, one would think that perhaps the overriding theme of his presidency is paybacks, for his many specific actions, from those insulting gifts to England through his snubbing Kate Steinle’s family (and many other such families), perhaps because they were not of color, seem nothing short of just that, paybacks. Obama chose to antagonize our allies, celebrate and cow-tow to our foes, divide our nation and its peoples.

The list of his small-ball actions is long. Conversely, the list of his accomplishments is short, and of those, his view of his accomplishments is quite different from many others such that what he calls an achievement may not be so at all. One thing is sure, and this will be part of his legacy too, he has always thought that he knows better than everyone else. He knows better than his military advisors, better than former presidents, better than foreign policy experts and economists. He is, without doubt, above everyone else, in his own mind of course.

Not attending Justice Scalia’s funeral is clearly a slap in the face to Justice Scalia and his family, to the Supreme Court, which he is also smarter than and which he looks down upon, and to the nation. It is the action of an embittered, petty political partisan, an action undercutting a president. He will be the first president not to attend a Supreme Court Justice’s funeral in 80 years, and he has nothing on his agenda for the day either. In contrast, he wouldn’t miss that upcoming trip to Cuba for the world. So once again, he lashes out at political foes and American patriots while pandering to socialist dictators with countless killings in their past. It’s totally Obama, all small ball and all very unattractive on both a personal and professional level.

Small ball player, narcissist, petty partisan who is spiteful and myopic–this will be Obama’s legacy. And he could have been so large and prominent a figure.

N.B.  Obama further showed his pettiness and his penchant for small-ball by not attending the funeral of Nancy Reagan. As Ronald Reagan might have said, there you go again.

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