kermit-601712_640We had a little snowstorm a week ago Monday. It blew in overnight and by Monday afternoon it was already sunny and near 50 degrees. Everything melted quickly, no harm, no foul. The schools first announced a two-hour delay, but later they closed altogether mostly because the roads were slippery and because unlike most winters here only two snow days had been used. So the kids got an extra day off, one where they could even go out and play in the sun and spring-like warmth by 1:00 PM.

It was clearly God’s joke.

The next morning I told that to the school bus driver and since then I’ve mentioned it to several people. Their responses have been interesting to say the least, and not at all what I might have expected. The people I’ve mentioned it to have laughed kind of nervously and then said yes. I think they were a bit nervous about what I was saying and I believe they were nervous about talking about God, about someone bringing God into a conversation.

What I was calling His joke was that all winter here in the northeast we’ve only had two or three snows for a total of about maybe twenty inches, if that. Last year the snow was oppressive. Boston had about one hundred-twenty inches and we had all that too. I only had to use the snow blower three times this year. Last year it was about fifteen times and there was so much snow that the blower couldn’t throw it over the mounds that had built up. So I was saying that God was laughing and saying “Look what I could’ve done if I wanted.”

Which brings me to America in the politically-correct era. Why do I have to worry about offending someone by mentioning God? Why do I have to suppress my beliefs? Atheists and the political-correctness police (PCP) don’t worry about how I feel when they spout their beliefs and tell me what I can’t do in America anymore. Let me see:

  • I can’t say Merry Christmas and my town can’t display a manger scene
  • I can’t say the pledge in my class because it says under God in it
  • I can’t wear my military uniform to the school when I pick up my child, even on active duty and reporting to work immediately afterward or just having gotten home
  • My child can’t wear a pro-America t-shirt to school, especially on May 5th, but others can wear shirts that celebrate their countries, particularly on that day
  • I can’t say man as in chairman even when the person in position is a man

And on and on.

My God.  We’ve gone totally bonkers. We don’t have a Congress anymore. We have a Politburo. We don’t have free expression. We have the PCP who tell us we have to suppress American beliefs and suppress personal beliefs so that some groups of people whom we can’t actually identify aren’t upset.

Bonkers, Crazy, Insane. Tell me it isn’t crazy when someone didn’t report the suspicious activity noted with the California terrorists because they didn’t want to be labeled racist. (Note how one has to change grammar so as to be gender unspecific.)

Progressives say this is progress. When the PCP finally fix it so the police nationwide are so demonized that they no longer can do their jobs and chaos finally sets in, what then? Look at all our movies, Mad Max, Anarchy, Escape From L.A., and look where we’re heading if we don’t change our course.

Walking Dead, here we come.

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