quill-pen-300x300This is not an endorsement for Donald Trump. It’s not an endorsement for any presidential candidate or political party. It’s simply some observations and thoughts. The point of this particular piece is simple and straightforward. Watch out for the shouting.

Sometimes we hear sayings like “follow the money,” or “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” There’s also one about he who is screaming loudest usually having the most to hide and another one about looking carefully at those making the loudest accusations. It’s the last two that are of import here.

So the question is why all the divergent forces, from the Pope and Obama to the Republican party itself, inclusive of the super pacs and most everyone else, are so intent upon making sure that Donald Trump does not get elected. Anyone and everyone is entitled to be anti-Trump, but when they all come together like this, it makes one wonder what the real deal is. In this case, the wondering is what are they all so keen on protecting?  And the answer to that is the status quo. Trump alone stands to upset all their apple carts. And if they are all screaming so loud against Trump and fighting so hard to stop him from being elected, maybe, just maybe, their apple carts need overturning and the status quo needs a good shake up.

Despite their screaming, is there any other candidate who poses the same shake-up threat as Trump? Even Bernie Sanders, the socialist, needs the status quo to attempt to do what he wants. It’s more that Trump isn’t afraid to out anyone, and more than anyone else, perhaps, he knows and understands the way things work. He knows who he has contributed to and what he’s gotten in return. That’s on both sides. He knows about buying influence and the inner workings of trade deals. He knows how immigration impacts the American labor force from a perspective the members of the status quo wouldn’t dare talk about. And he is seemingly unafraid to talk about these things, openly admitting that his business success is partly because he knows the game, has played the game and understands how the game works.

In its way, our governments, Federal, State and City, are like the mafia. The Dons and the “made” men live lives different from the people. They live like feudal lords. As long as a person pays off, s/he can do business. The regular people can work if they pay off in union dues. The unions in turn buy favor and then support the lords that will allow them to survive well. This is the status quo Trump threatens to expose and upset. Hence all the forces, including some media forces, are joining to make sure he is not elected.

So watch out for the shouting and look closely at who is shouting and why. Almost invariably there’s something nefarious behind the shouts. It’s a good bet these forces aren’t altruistically looking out for the American people. More likely they are looking to keep their fiefdoms.

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