BSMost everything around us is BS. Murph had thought this and that led him to his understanding of how we all, each of us in our own ways, are on this quest for meaning in our lives and how we end up trying to make sense of what’s going on around us.

Such thoughts led him to the supposition that lots of people understand early on how so much of what’s around them is BS and how some of them come to a different bottom line. His friend Bobby was like that.

“Meaning?” Bobby  said. It’s liberating to understand there is no meaning, that what they’re throwing at us is their BS purposefully designed to keep us at a certain level while they cop all the wealth.”

Al Gore was Bobby’s favorite example. “Al Gore, need I say more? He who dies with the most wins,” Bobby said.

“Think about it,” he had told Murph. “Since putz-brain Al lost in 2000 we’ve lived his pity-party. Climate change, yeah, okay. We’re affecting the ozone layer and the earth and the earth’s atmosphere. I admit that. But who funds the research? Government. And who benefits from the climate change laws and rules? Government. And what happens to scientists and organizations that are government funded when they disagree with what the government wants to hear? They lose their funding. So how reliable is the research?

“How old is the earth? Four and a half billion years. How long have we been keeping records? Since about 1915. Really since about 1750, only between then and 1915 it was in the form of personal journals and stuff they’ve recovered. So what do we really know? And how much of what we think we know is predicated on researchers maintaining funding? Ever do the math? It doesn’t even register because it’s too miniscule. That’s 100 divided by 4.5 billion.

“I did the math,” Bobby said. “I can’t even understand the result on the calculator. That’s how minuscule it is. They’re selling us a bill of goods, Murph.”

Bobby had smiled and laughed. “I don’t even want to pay taxes anymore. The other Al don’t pay. Most of our money is wasted or stolen. I don’t want to pay for illegals’ medical coverage or their education or for their legal costs to fight to stay in this country. Imagine, we have to pay for their legal aid lawyers so they can fight to stay here when they came here illegally to start with.

“And don’t get me started on bathrooms. I want my grandchildren going into bathrooms with just biological males in the male one and just biological females in the other. What is this ‘identify’ BS? This morning I woke up and I didn’t have enough money in my pocket to buy a cup of coffee. I felt poor and I identified with being poor. I shouldn’t have to pay taxes because I identify with being poor and therefore I’m poor.

“Need I say more?” Bobby asked.