presumptionThey were presuming that because Trump has not released his taxes  he had some “bombshell” in them that he doesn’t want us to see. Mitt Romney, of all people, was the one to bring up this issue and bombshell was his word. (Remember what Harry Reid did to Romney with taxes?)  Do you think Romney  did  it because he has an agenda or because he is part of the Republican establishment that is dreadfully afraid of Donald Trump? Maybe both? Do you think selecting the word bombshell was a strategic choice?

That’s all a good bet. But the real question which needs answering is why the Republican establishment is so fearful of Trump’s being the candidate.

Frankly, it is all a bit appalling. Trump is Trump, and whatever anyone thinks, he will do what he does. He can afford to. Rubio showed himself to be a loser by entering the mêlée as he did. Cruz showed his colors by the blatant lies his campaign put out. Neither Cruz nor Rubio are winners. Their insistence that Trump got 200 million from his father and their wining about it show this. Regardless of the amount, having the money doesn’t make one a winner. What one does with the money determines whether or not one is a winner.

Trump is a successful businessman who has probably used all the tools of his trade, from bankruptcy court to hiring illegals, though he probably has not done that hiring personally.  All of his business practices will be game for his opposition. Businessmen would call the use of the techniques acumen. Politicians, who made the laws, call it dirty pool. Somewhere in here is why Trump is so dangerous to the Republican establishment and thus why Romney chose the word presume. Cruz and Rubio were quick to pick up on it and of course they were using the tricks of their trade, what politicians do. Politicians use words (like presume) to cast false impressions, and since most of them are lawyers they are pros at it, pros at making things look like they want them to look rather than presenting them as they are. Cruz and Rubio and those politicians like them—everyone can name at least a few—slither their ways through our society in their leadership positions, pretending they are righteous and ethical beings. It could make one nauseous.

Romney chose the word presume to lend credence to what he was saying when actually he was making an allegation. An allegation would have sounded wrong but presuming seems ever-so-thoughtful, as if he actually knows something.

The sum of all this, of our politicians, is disgusting. The reason the Republican establishment sicced their dog Romney on Trump was because Trump alone has the ability to undermine their status quo and their imperial, near-royal lives. Trump alone can, by virtue of having been on the receiving-favors side of the laws and tax codes protecting the rich, illuminate that which our politicians hypocritically eschew yet enthusiastically enjoy.

Presume? Who really knows anything? Remember  though that in Shakespeare the truths come from the mouths of the clowns and jesters. Those who would presume anything about Trump ought beware.


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