marijuana-jointNo sunshine. More snow. And more snow and more cold. By the time they woke, past eleven, fifteen inches had fallen and the university had cancelled all classes. Annabelle got herself up first. She went to pee and brush her teeth then she came back to the bedroom and put on baggy jeans, no panties, and a t-shirt, no bra.

“Get your ass up and roll a big fat doobie,” she said.
“Ay ay Captain,” Murph said.
“Captain this,” Annabelle said flipping him off.
“Sit on this,” Murph said grabbing his crotch.
“Roll me a good joint, give me a tab, pour me some wine and I just might.”
“What you got to eat?” Murph asked.
Annabelle wiggled her thighs and smiled seductively. “Scrambled eggs and toast,” she said.
“I’m starving.”
“Me too.”

Murph got himself up. He did what Annabelle had done, peed, brushed his teeth and threw on his jeans. Then he went to the living room and rolled a fat joint. He met Annabelle in the kitchen. They got high, sat at the kitchen table and ate their breakfast. Annabelle even made coffee.

“You mean what you said about the girl downstairs?” he asked.
“Absolutely. The skinny one. The one without the boyfriend.”

“She felt me up once when we were getting high. I’d just gotten home and their door was open and they invited me in to smoke with them. She was only wearing panties and a t-shirt and she sat herself right next to me. So we were doing hash and I was already blitzed, I mean wasted. The other one’s leaning over opposite me, flashing titties, and then she leans the other way and bends all the way down so I can see everything she’s got cause she didn’t have any panties. I think they were planning to have their way with me. Next thing I know, the one you like has got her hand all over my privates.”

“What’d you do?”
“I told ’em I had to go. Your girlfriend offered to go with me, but I said another time. Damn hippies.”
“You’re a hippie.
“Oh,” Murph said. “Anyway, the one’s boyfriend came home.”

Murph was poor back then. He was on a work-study program and he had little spending money to speak of. His apartment showed his poverty, though then it could have been written off as Bohemian. It was furnished with ratty old furniture.  The rooms were big and it was the top floor of a two-family house that had a backyard. The people downstairs were hippies so there was always free dope and the two girls who lived there ran around skimpily clad, sometimes topless. College life. Hippie chicks. Free love.

Breakfast done, Annabelle walked over to where Murph had left his pills and picked out two acid tabs. “Come here, baby,” she said. She put a tab on the tip of her tongue and kissed him long and deep, passing him the tab which he quickly swallowed. He did the same and Annabelle swallowed hers.

“Bonsai,” she said.
“F… it,” Murph said.

Annabelle put on some Beatles and they drank wine while waiting for the acid to come on.

“Look at the green,” Murph said, joking. He was referring to the time he’d sat tripping for eight hours in Jack’s bathtub staring at the green walls.

“You were so messed up,” Annabelle said.
“It was great.”
“Let’s take some ludes too and see where we go,” Annabelle said.
“You only die  once,” Murph said.

Note: The State of Massachusetts is soon voting on whether or not to legalize Marijuana. Marijuana is a gateway drug and should not be legalized. Decriminalized yes. Used medicinally, yes. Annabelle and Murph are depictions of real people with real experiences. They illustrate clearly why the drug should not be legalized. In AA they say: man takes a drink, drink takes a drink, drink takes the man. Need anymore be said?