two women and a horse

picture from Dreamtime

Since when did big business decide what laws should be enacted, and since when did money interests dictate what people should and shouldn’t do? That’s how it is now, on that level, right out in the open.

We know it’s always been this way behind the scenes, but now there’s simply no hiding it, not even attempts at masking it.

Big business is now working to dissuade Missouri voters from passing legislation that would allow religious freedom protections to its citizens. Wait a minute. Didn’t people already have have religious freedom? Aren’t people in America supposed to be free to practice their religion and act according to their religious beliefs? Why all of a sudden do people need protection to exercise their religious beliefs and rights?

Oops. Maybe something is wrong here!

The changing of the definition of marriage has upset the proverbial apple cart. It has caused what some people refer to as freedom in one realm to deny freedom in other realms. With proper forethought this probably could have been worked out. Instead it has allowed the PCP, Political Correctness Police, license to mess with the institutions we once deemed sacred.

This is progress, so they would have us believe, but really it’s mishegas. Yes, it’s meshugah. Or, if you don’t know what those words mean, it’s mixed up, crazy. Next stop is throuples, something written about here earlier, three-parent families. Throuples, the next thing in marriage, is on the road to polygamy, and all that is okay except what they did was whimsically change definitions of institutions without consent or consensus and without ever considering the ramifications of their actions.

Upsetting our sensibilities is one thing. Our paying for what they’re doing is a different issue. How many parents in a marriage will be able to get Social Security benefits? What about my horse? I want to be married to two women and a horse, and I’ve said this here before too when talking about throuples. Nothing kinky or strange. Just because it’s my right and would make me happy. Can my horse get my benefits if I kick the bucket? Maybe on the day I feel like a horse is when I should marry my horse. That’s what the progressives say: if I identify as a horse, I am one. Ergo, I can marry one.

The progressives have done it this time, and they have no clue as to what they’ve done. The same big businesses that are pressuring in Missouri, and other states, do big business throughout the world in countries where women are veiled and practically enslaved. So who are these hypocritical businesses kidding? And what’s their real game here?

Oh! We know. Next they’ll want to tell us that if we feel like a girl on any given day we can go into the girls’ bathroom, or locker room, or the showers in the locker room. That’s the progressives’ way of breaking down the genders. Why would they want to do this? That is the salient question and you can bet your horseshoes it has to do with power. A good bet is that in this case it’s from their playbook: create chaos and use the chaos to regulate, hence grab power. Here’s an idea! Any school district in the country that doesn’t comply with the Lack-Of-Justice Department’s open-to-anyone bathroom policy should be denied Federal funds. In our anti-bully policy world, that’s the way to get what you want and set the no-bullying example.

We are in the midst of insanity and idiocy. It would all be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous to the very freedoms and foundations this country was founded upon.

since when