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From The Walking Dead-season 6

The other day someone was recapping a movie and of course it ended with the dog and everyone else turning into zombies. This was kind of interesting. Another zombie movie. It seems as if every other movie is about zombies. Why? Why so many zombie movies? Well, the answer is really simple. There are so many zombie movies because we are the zombies.

Resident Evil, all of them, The Walking Dead, and countless others like them bombard our airwaves in what has now become a common setting of the wasteland filled with mindless entities trying to devour anything and everything alive. In most, what’s alive is a small ruling class, usually elite and always sinister in that its only real goal is for itself to survive and thrive. Don’t like zombies? Think of The Hunger Games series of movies. Same deal.

Why?  Why these movies? Why have we moved away from the movies in which Dirty Harry eliminates an evil and society goes on? Or Charles Bronson in Death Wish movies? Or Denzel Washington or Will Smith saving civilization?

We’ve moved on to the zombies, the mindless masses, because we’ve become the mindless masses and they’ve become the political class, the elite rulers who do little else than attempt to maintain the illusion that they’ve got our backs, are on our side and are looking out for our best interests. This idea, that they’re looking out for us, is the biggest piece of bull ever. What they’ve done is dumb down education, purposefully to be sure, so that we don’t have the wherewithal to actually see what they’re doing and call them out on it. If we do call them out on it, for whatever the particular it is, they persecute us, bully us, gather their forces like circling the wagons, and attack from within their rigged system of government agencies and courts. The most common bullying tactic is to force the regular citizen to defend him/herself in court thus racking up enough in legal fees to either destroy his/her life and livelihood or force him/her to cease and desist. One of their biggest weapons these days is the IRS. A second weapon is Obamacare and its birth control aspect. A third is the redefining of marriage and the transgender bathroom issue.

We used to be cows in the pasture. That image seemed to suffice for the longest time. Cows in the pasture has a peacefulness about it. You get up, go to work, do your thing then go home and rest up for the next day. Life goes on day by day, year after year, and we trudge on. We used to know what marriage was, what bathrooms to go into, even what we could and couldn’t do. For the most part, we were happy cows. We got petted and were left alone in the pastures to be who we were. We only had to give the milk once a year on April 15th.

But they’ve killed the cows, plucked them like they were golden geese. They’ve stripped them of identity, of purpose, of knowledge, and they are fleecing them of every bit of wealth they can steal from them. They’ve turned them into mindless zombies who get their news in fifteen-second sound bites on Facebook. They kill the zombies every chance they get, not so much with bullets as with regulations, new laws, presidential orders and directives.

Man is by nature selfish and greedy. Our newish Political Class, the American Politburo, is the quintessential example of this. Won’t be long until they all live in the gated cities while we, the zombies, roam the wastelands their greed and selfishness have created.


down_arrowLet’s not kid ourselves. The standards of ethics in America are greatly diminished if not just about gone. As it turns out, the greatest and richest nation ever, the one that promises freedom and the ability to “be all you can be” appears to be ending up like all other nations that made great promises to its peoples, a true disappointment. The reason is simple: man is by nature selfish and greedy.

l know most talk like this falls on deaf ears now, and this means the progression of the downward spiral which is our descent into oblivion, into the land of the Walking Dead, is so far under way that we may not be able to reverse it. Part of the reason so many of the ears are deaf is that in America now almost half of the people are on the take. These people, many of them anyway, don’t need to be on the take and are scamming the government and at the same time abusing the hard-working, tax-paying citizens who are flitting the bill for them.

This is a simple fact and a sad one, one not even needing verification here since Welfare fraud, Medicare fraud and Food Stamp fraud is well documented. Sometimes it’s not even the people’s faults since in today’s lack-of-ethics America they’ve been taught they deserve their benefits, that those who have owe them their free ride, that they are entitled to anything and everything they can get. But they should know better. They should know that if you can’t afford it, you don’t buy it. It’s actually quite simple. Sometimes it’s a tough and bitter pill, but it is what it is.

Most of the people who “have,” by far the vast majority of them, only “have” because along the way they have sacrificed and made choices. They wore K-Mart shoes, not hundred-dollar Nikes, so they could save to buy a house. They went to State and City colleges so they didn’t run up terrible student debt. They worked two or three jobs and lots of overtime to get ahead. This is the reality of the majority of the haves. They are regular people who have worked their butts off and scrimped and saved to get ahead so as to live the dream. They didn’t get stuck on “things aren’t fair” or say “you owe me.” And they didn’t fall prey to selfish and greedy politicians who used them for votes by telling them they were owed something.

We hear it over and over again, how people have run up over a hundred thousand dollars in student-loan debt and can’t pay it back. First, if they’re smart enough to go through college, they’re smart enough to understand about finances and debt. They know a hundred grand in student loans is a bit much with no way to pay it back. But worse, the dishonest, greedy, vote-seeking panderer politicians tell them it’s the big banks’ faults and that they, the borrowers, are not to blame. They were entitled to go to college. And so they call for more government control and more regulation. But the government is comprised of people and man is by nature selfish and greedy. Therefore, the government is by nature selfish and greedy. And even if you don’t like the logic, just look at the government, and then look at the candidates, all of them, and the decline of ethics in America is as clear as purified water.

So here we are in the midst of a presidential campaign with Trump vs. Clinton. Trump calls Clinton crooked Hillary. Lyin’ Ted called Trump a pathological liar. What the…are we doing here?

Man is by nature selfish and greedy. In today’s America our standards of ethics are on a rapid decline caused by the selfish and greedy leaders, what I call The American Politburo, and if we don’t work ourselves out of this ethical descent we will find ourselves in the end stages of what could have been the greatest country ever.




spread work ethciSimply put, equalization doesn’t work. The more our studies looking at why things are unfair lay the blame on our institutions or infer that rather than stating it outright, the less we look at individuals and their individual responsibility for the positions they find themselves in. Hence, the further we get from any real solutions to poverty, the wealth gap, education (especially the high school dropout problem), racism, sexism, and any other ism you might want to add.

This isn’t about blame or politics and it isn’t to say that things aren’t unfair or that any of the above doesn’t exist. It is to say, however, that the bulk of our research has gone awry and will never lead toward real solutions for the isms above until we return to looking at what we know works, which in every case begins with individual acceptance of one’s situation, accepting responsibility for one’s self and making individual effort toward changing one’s situation. Or, we will never find solutions if we continue looking away from the role of self, and even then, solutions will not be perfect since there’s no helping anyone who isn’t willing to make an effort on their own behalf and who simply wants freebies.

Honestly, and without doubt, Pediatric Neurosurgeon and former presidential candidate Ben Carson is the paradigm for solutions to the inequality issues in our society. If you don’t know about him, Google him. If you haven’t read what he’s written, or heard him speak, read one of his books and check out his speeches. He came up from the bottom, and in short, he says if he can do it anyone can.

So I taught in the Bronx for twenty-three years, in the ghetto, as they call it, in the combat zone as the NYCDOE used to label it unofficially, where the teachers used to get extra pay unofficially called combat pay, where almost always I was the only Caucasian in the room. Almost every student was from similar circumstances as Ben Carson. Most of the kids were smart. Most of the kids could use their hands to fix things, do hair, etc. None of the minds were any lesser than the minds born into golden-spoon circumstances. Almost all of them were street smart and savvy and could take care of themselves since they lived in a dangerous environment filled with predators of all kinds. All of them were capable of escaping the ghetto if they so chose and were given the right education, mentoring and an opportunity.


Most of the students where I taught failed for one main reason: absence. They cut school so many times it was statistically impossible to pass. The students who missed for legitimate reasons either made up the work or were offered alternate ways to pass. An education system is not at fault for a student’s failing because s/he didn’t want to go to class. But our society and its education system are at fault for not finding solutions to this issue. And there are many solutions out there.

So first we must own up to the fact that equalization of wealth is not a solution. Take three people, one a hard-working, money-saving  person, one a drinker and one wanting a good time and lots of material things and give them each a thousand dollars then watch them for a few months. Enough said?

Next we must decide if we really want to work on the equal opportunity issue, if we really want to work toward providing opportunity for our peoples here. If after more than 50 years the 23 trillion dollars spent on the war on poverty have not made a noticeable difference in poverty in America, the real question is whether or not we actually want to work on solving the problem.

Finally, we must move away from enabling dependency and compensating lack of effort by making excuses for those who do nothing more than cry out about how unfair life is and how they are owed their own personal happiness and a stipend to support it.

Until we do this, we are locked into a quagmire that goes on indefinitely. Given our history with the issue, one might think our leaders don’t want to solve the problems at hand here. Look at how they benefit while we stay divided. Regardless, equalization doesn’t work and never will. Even if we were a homogeneous society, it wouldn’t work.


quill-pen-300x300So here it is in a nutshell. You can’t fight an apparition. You can’t see a ghost, and until you acknowledge that you have a ghost in your house or wherever, you can’t take measures to find and eradicate the ghost. But once you accept the fact you have a ghost, you can call Ghostbusters and get rid of the problem.

Same deal for termites. Until you find out you have them, you can’t do anything about getting rid of them. But once you discover you have the termites, you have options. You can let them go untreated and thus let them destroy your house, the Obama way, or you can call an exterminator and get rid of them. Once they are gone, you can fix the damage they’ve done and move on with your life safe from further termite damage.

The issue between Trump and the leftists, to wit, Obama and Hillary, is no more complicated than this. Either we have a problem or we don’t. Either we are at war with Islamic Extremists, Jihadist Extremists, or we’re not.

So which is it Mr. President? You can’t have it your way. Your way is to say labeling the enemy is meaningless and then pervert your position to political ends by calling the actual labeling of the problem divisive and dangerous, pointing your ire at Donald Trump rather than at the enemy. Your way is to turn this issue and the latest tragedy into a gun control issue and then lecture the country like a pedant who believes he knows it all.

But the truth is that you of all people know if you don’t fight the bully, Mr. President, the bully gets more aggressive and bullies more. You know this because you are a bully. You use the power of Title IX funds to force the States to succumb to your presidential orders about transgender bathroom use. But you don’t stand up to China. You don’t stand up to Putin. You don’t defend us, as is your sworn Constitutional duty, against the terrorists. Instead, the true bully you are,   you bully us about bathroom use, and you bully us about gun ownership when you know every one of your protection people have guns and you know—we all know you know—that many more crimes are committed with illegal guns than legal ones and that if you disarm the public, the criminals and owners of illegal guns will just be more dangerous.

Maybe Trump isn’t so wrong to suggest you have ulterior motives.

The jihadists are not going away. In fact, they are multiplying and infiltrating the western world. That’s pretty much thanks to you. They are very much like termites too, sneaking in wherever they can, whenever they can, hiding among us, and as we see now, working even in companies that have access to secure American sites.

We are in the midst of a war on the western way of life that is being conducted by a small percentage of extremist Muslims. That is a fact. Regular Muslims do not speak out for the same reasons the regular Germans did not speak out against the Nazis. This is a shame because we all know what the Nazis did. At least I hope we do, because those Iranians you gave 150 billion dollars to deny that The Holocaust   ever occurred.

Take a stand Mr. President. Don’t be a coward like most bullies are. Tell Hillary, the great supporter of LGBT and women’s rights who took 25 million from the Saudis and similar countries that oppress women, to take a stand too.

What you and Hillary and your people are doing is much more dangerous than anything Donald Trump can do as a political candidate.


gated cityThey don’t worry about crime. They don’t worry about illegal aliens taking their jobs, robbing their homes, raping their daughters, even attending the same schools as their children. They don’t worry about Obama Care, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or even the IRS. They are the newest class of people in America. They are not working class or middle class. They are their own class, the American Politburo, the elite ruling class who have become politicians by trade and govern, many if not most of them, for the better part of their work lives as career politicians.

Many of these Politburo members are lawyers, but not all. Mostly, they have no tangible skills to sell in the marketplace like a plumber does, for example, or an electrician, or a printer or a nurse. Their main asset is the ability to bloviate or BS, as it were, and generally they inherit their positions. Think of perhaps The Kennedys or the Cuomos. Then think of all the Senators who have spent their lives in Congress. Then take a look at how many of our Congressmen are millionaires. That number and the percentage of them is greater than at any time in history. How does a person with moderate means when s/he enters Congress become a millionaire on a salary of about a hundred seventy-five thousand dollars? And by the way, their mean average net worth is 1.1 million while the average mean net worth of the American household is 56,000.

Not bad for people  who can’t do anything but talk or maybe practice law. More to the point, however, is what they do in that club. They allow illegal aliens to flood into our country and later escape prosecution,  freeing them from prisons for various reasons and then not  tracking them. Forget about deporting them. They pass bills to stop people from having guns, but they don’t know where the illegals are, let alone know whether or not they have guns, and they don’t address the real issue of gun violence, which mostly is gang violence perpetrated  by use of illegal and unregistered guns. You know, the ones you don’t hear about, like in Chicago. All the numbers are staggering: crimes committed by illegal weapons far outnumber those committed by legal ones; more than 50% of Senators and Representatives are millionaires… You get the drift.

They do this because they have bodyguards, even Secret Service protection. They do this because they live in gated cities, their children go to elite schools, they ride around in chauffeur driven vehicles or fly around in jets or helicopters. Their little daughters will never worry about using bathrooms where “if a man feels like a girl that day”  he can enter.

The point is we are now being ruled by a class of people who do not share our life experiences, who do not relate to what we go through on a day-to-day basis and who really don’t seem to care about us. Their primary goals are feathering their nests and getting re-elected to be able to continue feathering their nests. They are The American Politburo, occupants of the gated cities of golden opportunities most of us will never know. Many of them show their true colors when they hold to a position of not supporting the presidential candidate of their party, preferring their party lose rather than have a candidate who might upset their their apple carts.

Of the people, for the people and by the people. How far we’ve gone astray.


This was written before the Orlando terrorist shooting. Special heartfelt condolences to the victims’ families and friends and deepest sympathies. May those who survived recover quickly and all those people involved find peace and safety and comfort. May those who perished not have died in vain.




no-drugs-clipart-1Murph did it again. He got up and went outside and brought Annabelle back in.

“At least go out in the back,” he said.
“So we don’t have to worry about the cops.”
“They’d like seeing me naked.”
“Yeah, but they’d still arrest you.”
“You’re no fun.”
“You want fun?”
“Gonna shoot at my target?”
“Why not?”

They spent the next hour in the tub painting each other with washable finger paints. When they were tired, they sat naked in the tub and stared at their work. Murph could not speak for Annabelle, but for him, the colors danced on her body and formed into patterns which then became animated and moved over her. Several times he found himself touching her, but when he did, he wasn’t touching her. He was petting a dog or stroking a cat.

Annabelle did not move for a long time. She did not react as Murph touched her except to bark when he said good dog. She did reach for him once when she thought it was a hot dog.

Finally Murph stood. He saw that outside was getting dark and he knew soon they would be on the down side of the trip. He turned on the shower and slid the shower curtain closed. Annabelle did not stand up. She let the water hit her as it did and watched both on her and on Murph as the paints thinned and dripped to the tub’ s floor and then swirled on down the drain. When they were both mostly clean of colors, Murph helped Annabelle up. He kissed her long and hard and then he turned her so the water could wash away the paints from where she’d been sitting.

“When I close my eyes, I see abstract rainbows across the blue sky but the rainbows are bleeding their colors,” Annabelle said.

“I see a big hot air balloon,” Murph said.

“Jack and Rell are lovers,” Annabelle said, “and I’m going to pee.” She let the pee flow from her not caring that it sprayed over Murph’s legs and feet. She thought it was hilarious actually and she was quite pleased with herself.

“Jack is gay?”
“In the closet. I’m not supposed to tell anyone.”
“You’re telling me.”
“You’re not anyone.”
“Anyhow, fried-brain Rell lives with him. They’re not roommates.”
“Why does he hide it?”
“Why does anyone do anything?”
“Damn,” Murph said. “All the times we’ve been naked together, you know, changing and skinny dipping and all that.”

“Yeah. He was looking at you and you were looking at me.”
“What’s Rell’s real story?”

“He fried his brain on trip number six. Bad acid. Bad trip. Major damage. Now he’s Jack’s boy-toy and Jack keeps him in drugs. Rell’s the poster child for why drugs should never be used.”

“Speaking of which,” Murph said, “when we get out of here I’m taking more ludes, smoking a joint and listening to music.”

“And then you and me are holding each other tight and fading into the night.”
“I have a bald coochie,” Annabelle said.

Annabelle made canned tomato soup for them to eat. They had the leftover tuna too. The last hours of the trip were gentle compared to some trips, but that was because they pumped themselves full of downers. They finished the Quaaludes and drank the last bottle of wine. They watched the TV with the sound muted and listened to music. A long while they didn’t stir. Annabelle leaned her head on Murph’s shoulder and closed her eyes . Murph watched the TV people and saw many images that were not there. Round about eleven, they smoked another joint, took the last of the downers and went off to bed. Murph made sure the black beauties were there for the morning. He knew they’d need the speed.


Note: The State of Massachusetts is soon voting on whether or not to legalize Marijuana. Marijuana is a gateway drug and should not be legalized. Decriminalized yes. Used medicinally, yes. Annabelle and Murph are depictions of real people with real experiences. They illustrate clearly why the drug should not be legalized. In AA they say: man takes a drink, drink takes a drink, drink takes the man. Need anymore be said?

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