gated cityThey don’t worry about crime. They don’t worry about illegal aliens taking their jobs, robbing their homes, raping their daughters, even attending the same schools as their children. They don’t worry about Obama Care, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or even the IRS. They are the newest class of people in America. They are not working class or middle class. They are their own class, the American Politburo, the elite ruling class who have become politicians by trade and govern, many if not most of them, for the better part of their work lives as career politicians.

Many of these Politburo members are lawyers, but not all. Mostly, they have no tangible skills to sell in the marketplace like a plumber does, for example, or an electrician, or a printer or a nurse. Their main asset is the ability to bloviate or BS, as it were, and generally they inherit their positions. Think of perhaps The Kennedys or the Cuomos. Then think of all the Senators who have spent their lives in Congress. Then take a look at how many of our Congressmen are millionaires. That number and the percentage of them is greater than at any time in history. How does a person with moderate means when s/he enters Congress become a millionaire on a salary of about a hundred seventy-five thousand dollars? And by the way, their mean average net worth is 1.1 million while the average mean net worth of the American household is 56,000.

Not bad for people  who can’t do anything but talk or maybe practice law. More to the point, however, is what they do in that club. They allow illegal aliens to flood into our country and later escape prosecution,  freeing them from prisons for various reasons and then not  tracking them. Forget about deporting them. They pass bills to stop people from having guns, but they don’t know where the illegals are, let alone know whether or not they have guns, and they don’t address the real issue of gun violence, which mostly is gang violence perpetrated  by use of illegal and unregistered guns. You know, the ones you don’t hear about, like in Chicago. All the numbers are staggering: crimes committed by illegal weapons far outnumber those committed by legal ones; more than 50% of Senators and Representatives are millionaires… You get the drift.

They do this because they have bodyguards, even Secret Service protection. They do this because they live in gated cities, their children go to elite schools, they ride around in chauffeur driven vehicles or fly around in jets or helicopters. Their little daughters will never worry about using bathrooms where “if a man feels like a girl that day”  he can enter.

The point is we are now being ruled by a class of people who do not share our life experiences, who do not relate to what we go through on a day-to-day basis and who really don’t seem to care about us. Their primary goals are feathering their nests and getting re-elected to be able to continue feathering their nests. They are The American Politburo, occupants of the gated cities of golden opportunities most of us will never know. Many of them show their true colors when they hold to a position of not supporting the presidential candidate of their party, preferring their party lose rather than have a candidate who might upset their their apple carts.

Of the people, for the people and by the people. How far we’ve gone astray.


This was written before the Orlando terrorist shooting. Special heartfelt condolences to the victims’ families and friends and deepest sympathies. May those who survived recover quickly and all those people involved find peace and safety and comfort. May those who perished not have died in vain.