quill-pen-300x300So here it is in a nutshell. You can’t fight an apparition. You can’t see a ghost, and until you acknowledge that you have a ghost in your house or wherever, you can’t take measures to find and eradicate the ghost. But once you accept the fact you have a ghost, you can call Ghostbusters and get rid of the problem.

Same deal for termites. Until you find out you have them, you can’t do anything about getting rid of them. But once you discover you have the termites, you have options. You can let them go untreated and thus let them destroy your house, the Obama way, or you can call an exterminator and get rid of them. Once they are gone, you can fix the damage they’ve done and move on with your life safe from further termite damage.

The issue between Trump and the leftists, to wit, Obama and Hillary, is no more complicated than this. Either we have a problem or we don’t. Either we are at war with Islamic Extremists, Jihadist Extremists, or we’re not.

So which is it Mr. President? You can’t have it your way. Your way is to say labeling the enemy is meaningless and then pervert your position to political ends by calling the actual labeling of the problem divisive and dangerous, pointing your ire at Donald Trump rather than at the enemy. Your way is to turn this issue and the latest tragedy into a gun control issue and then lecture the country like a pedant who believes he knows it all.

But the truth is that you of all people know if you don’t fight the bully, Mr. President, the bully gets more aggressive and bullies more. You know this because you are a bully. You use the power of Title IX funds to force the States to succumb to your presidential orders about transgender bathroom use. But you don’t stand up to China. You don’t stand up to Putin. You don’t defend us, as is your sworn Constitutional duty, against the terrorists. Instead, the true bully you are,   you bully us about bathroom use, and you bully us about gun ownership when you know every one of your protection people have guns and you know—we all know you know—that many more crimes are committed with illegal guns than legal ones and that if you disarm the public, the criminals and owners of illegal guns will just be more dangerous.

Maybe Trump isn’t so wrong to suggest you have ulterior motives.

The jihadists are not going away. In fact, they are multiplying and infiltrating the western world. That’s pretty much thanks to you. They are very much like termites too, sneaking in wherever they can, whenever they can, hiding among us, and as we see now, working even in companies that have access to secure American sites.

We are in the midst of a war on the western way of life that is being conducted by a small percentage of extremist Muslims. That is a fact. Regular Muslims do not speak out for the same reasons the regular Germans did not speak out against the Nazis. This is a shame because we all know what the Nazis did. At least I hope we do, because those Iranians you gave 150 billion dollars to deny that The Holocaust   ever occurred.

Take a stand Mr. President. Don’t be a coward like most bullies are. Tell Hillary, the great supporter of LGBT and women’s rights who took 25 million from the Saudis and similar countries that oppress women, to take a stand too.

What you and Hillary and your people are doing is much more dangerous than anything Donald Trump can do as a political candidate.