down_arrowLet’s not kid ourselves. The standards of ethics in America are greatly diminished if not just about gone. As it turns out, the greatest and richest nation ever, the one that promises freedom and the ability to “be all you can be” appears to be ending up like all other nations that made great promises to its peoples, a true disappointment. The reason is simple: man is by nature selfish and greedy.

l know most talk like this falls on deaf ears now, and this means the progression of the downward spiral which is our descent into oblivion, into the land of the Walking Dead, is so far under way that we may not be able to reverse it. Part of the reason so many of the ears are deaf is that in America now almost half of the people are on the take. These people, many of them anyway, don’t need to be on the take and are scamming the government and at the same time abusing the hard-working, tax-paying citizens who are flitting the bill for them.

This is a simple fact and a sad one, one not even needing verification here since Welfare fraud, Medicare fraud and Food Stamp fraud is well documented. Sometimes it’s not even the people’s faults since in today’s lack-of-ethics America they’ve been taught they deserve their benefits, that those who have owe them their free ride, that they are entitled to anything and everything they can get. But they should know better. They should know that if you can’t afford it, you don’t buy it. It’s actually quite simple. Sometimes it’s a tough and bitter pill, but it is what it is.

Most of the people who “have,” by far the vast majority of them, only “have” because along the way they have sacrificed and made choices. They wore K-Mart shoes, not hundred-dollar Nikes, so they could save to buy a house. They went to State and City colleges so they didn’t run up terrible student debt. They worked two or three jobs and lots of overtime to get ahead. This is the reality of the majority of the haves. They are regular people who have worked their butts off and scrimped and saved to get ahead so as to live the dream. They didn’t get stuck on “things aren’t fair” or say “you owe me.” And they didn’t fall prey to selfish and greedy politicians who used them for votes by telling them they were owed something.

We hear it over and over again, how people have run up over a hundred thousand dollars in student-loan debt and can’t pay it back. First, if they’re smart enough to go through college, they’re smart enough to understand about finances and debt. They know a hundred grand in student loans is a bit much with no way to pay it back. But worse, the dishonest, greedy, vote-seeking panderer politicians tell them it’s the big banks’ faults and that they, the borrowers, are not to blame. They were entitled to go to college. And so they call for more government control and more regulation. But the government is comprised of people and man is by nature selfish and greedy. Therefore, the government is by nature selfish and greedy. And even if you don’t like the logic, just look at the government, and then look at the candidates, all of them, and the decline of ethics in America is as clear as purified water.

So here we are in the midst of a presidential campaign with Trump vs. Clinton. Trump calls Clinton crooked Hillary. Lyin’ Ted called Trump a pathological liar. What the…are we doing here?

Man is by nature selfish and greedy. In today’s America our standards of ethics are on a rapid decline caused by the selfish and greedy leaders, what I call The American Politburo, and if we don’t work ourselves out of this ethical descent we will find ourselves in the end stages of what could have been the greatest country ever.