From The Walking Dead-season 6

The other day someone was recapping a movie and of course it ended with the dog and everyone else turning into zombies. This was kind of interesting. Another zombie movie. It seems as if every other movie is about zombies. Why? Why so many zombie movies? Well, the answer is really simple. There are so many zombie movies because we are the zombies.

Resident Evil, all of them, The Walking Dead, and countless others like them bombard our airwaves in what has now become a common setting of the wasteland filled with mindless entities trying to devour anything and everything alive. In most, what’s alive is a small ruling class, usually elite and always sinister in that its only real goal is for itself to survive and thrive. Don’t like zombies? Think of The Hunger Games series of movies. Same deal.

Why?  Why these movies? Why have we moved away from the movies in which Dirty Harry eliminates an evil and society goes on? Or Charles Bronson in Death Wish movies? Or Denzel Washington or Will Smith saving civilization?

We’ve moved on to the zombies, the mindless masses, because we’ve become the mindless masses and they’ve become the political class, the elite rulers who do little else than attempt to maintain the illusion that they’ve got our backs, are on our side and are looking out for our best interests. This idea, that they’re looking out for us, is the biggest piece of bull ever. What they’ve done is dumb down education, purposefully to be sure, so that we don’t have the wherewithal to actually see what they’re doing and call them out on it. If we do call them out on it, for whatever the particular it is, they persecute us, bully us, gather their forces like circling the wagons, and attack from within their rigged system of government agencies and courts. The most common bullying tactic is to force the regular citizen to defend him/herself in court thus racking up enough in legal fees to either destroy his/her life and livelihood or force him/her to cease and desist. One of their biggest weapons these days is the IRS. A second weapon is Obamacare and its birth control aspect. A third is the redefining of marriage and the transgender bathroom issue.

We used to be cows in the pasture. That image seemed to suffice for the longest time. Cows in the pasture has a peacefulness about it. You get up, go to work, do your thing then go home and rest up for the next day. Life goes on day by day, year after year, and we trudge on. We used to know what marriage was, what bathrooms to go into, even what we could and couldn’t do. For the most part, we were happy cows. We got petted and were left alone in the pastures to be who we were. We only had to give the milk once a year on April 15th.

But they’ve killed the cows, plucked them like they were golden geese. They’ve stripped them of identity, of purpose, of knowledge, and they are fleecing them of every bit of wealth they can steal from them. They’ve turned them into mindless zombies who get their news in fifteen-second sound bites on Facebook. They kill the zombies every chance they get, not so much with bullets as with regulations, new laws, presidential orders and directives.

Man is by nature selfish and greedy. Our newish Political Class, the American Politburo, is the quintessential example of this. Won’t be long until they all live in the gated cities while we, the zombies, roam the wastelands their greed and selfishness have created.