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hypocrisy meter.pngOne of the comediennes does a bit about how her friends, mostly younger than her, meaning in their thirties, love watching zombie movies because they love being scared. She goes on to say that there’s plenty of real stuff to scare her, like the mole that appeared on her wrist, and like the mailman who hasn’t brought her anything good since she was ten. She doesn’t need scary movies. Regular life stuff scares her enough. Not funny here, but plenty funny in her routine.

The world is a pretty scary place these days. Obama wouldn’t have us think so, and when Mrs. Obama painted that lovely picture of her kids playing happily outside on the White House lawn she neglected to say that hers are the only kids who can do that. Kids in the inner cities, on the asphalt lawns, probably don’t identify with the Obamas’ rosy pictures. His going outside to play in the sun and their going outside to play in the sun aren’t quite the same.

We don’t really talk about the scariest stuff of all. We talk about some of it, the terrorists, the racial divisions, the decline of America, the economic divide between the rich and the poor. These tend to appear a lot. We talk about climate change and Hillary says she believes in science, as if what the government is doing is actually science. Science is search and research and exploration and experimentation. Not-science is when the federal government’s attorney general prosecutes private scientists whose  opinions contradict what the government wants to hear. That’s what it’s doing to opposition to its own findings on climate change.

Now that’s not the scariest stuff. The scariest stuff is when our leaders willfully lie  to us outright. The scariest stuff is when they hold to the notion that if they say something enough times it will have credence, even if it is outrageous. The scariest stuff is that our leaders have no shame, no ethics, no morals and no principles.

But the scariest thing of all is that altogether, as a people, as a species, this may be the best we can do. Man is by nature greedy and selfish. Our reason and intellect were supposed to keep this in check and up to a point, until recently, it has. But then again, now, in today’s world one has to factor in the effects of the electronic age, that with cable news and 24/7 cell phone alerts and all the social media, everything is seen. Maybe it was always this way and we just didn’t see a lot of it. Still in all, they should know better and they should do better.

Scary is Bill Clinton telling that love story as if he were a wonderful faithful husband. Scary is Hillary still lying about her email stuff when she’s already been proven a liar by Comey. Scary is Obama and Hillary talking about Trump’s dirty dealings when they’ve done worse. Shameful, shameful, the pot calling the kettle black. Scary is Dem Dems professing to be unifiers, pretending to care about the “little people,” pretending it’s always the Republicans to blame when in fact they are more than equally culpable.

So that’s the scary stuff. Dem Dems were truly shameful, actually shameless, so outrageously hypocritical it’s truly frightening. And Dem Repubs, they’re no better. Rubio  swore he wouldn’t run again in Florida, right? And the check is in the mail.

Shame on us for tolerating this crap. Shame on us for not calling them all out. Shame on us for not looking at what we’ve got in America and not stopping them from trashing it all.


big-government-child-cartoonWhat will they tell us we have to believe in or ascribe to next?

I wonder. Some idiotic stuff is happening these days in an attempt to alter the society we live in. That might, perhaps, be okay, maybe, if the intent of the chaos-building changes were sincere or altruistic or even based upon beliefs, whether misguided or not, aimed at the betterment of our country and society.

But they are not. They are part of the fundamental transformation of America as wrought upon us by Barack Obama and the Progressive Party.

In part, it started, this time around, with Al Gore. The inventor of the internet, sore sport from the loss in 2000, sold America on global warming. Global warming has morphed into climate change. That’s because the current administration had difficulty selling global warming. The president and his progressives want us to believe if the winter is too cold or there’s too much snow, it’s global warming. Similarly, if it’s too hot or we set a record hot temperature, it’s global warming. Any super-bad storm, irregular hurricane, yup, global warming.

The earth is four billion years old. We’ve only been keeping records since 1915, about a hundred years. Governments around the world fund the vast bulk of the climate change/global warming research. The researchers and their government-funded agencies have a vested interest in supporting the government’s desired results, in slanting their studies to point where the government wants. If they do not support government policy, they are out of business.

The other day John Kerry was telling us that the chemicals used in air conditioners were dangerous, as dangerous as ISIS, and he was suggesting once again we must sacrifice in the name of this most dangerous enemy, climate change. Yes. climate change is our first priority, Kerry says, because it is our most dangerous foe.

Right! Think Kerry’s shutting off his air conditioners? We ride around in compact cars. They ride in big Suburbans and fly around on private planes, all air conditioned too. Al Gore fat cat uses about twenty times more   electricity in a month than the average American.

Several days ago Obama said we were more safe than ever before and that we should go out and laugh and have a good time playing in the sun. The night before was the Fort Myers nightclub shooting, a teen party. Then there was Orlando and Nice and Munich and Paris. And on and on. Most recently, in France a Priest saying mass was put to his knees and his throat cut.

But what difference at this point does it make?

Obama is safe. His family is safe. The great minds and wonderful servants our New American Politburo leaders are, are all safe, well taken care of and pretty rich too. And if something happens and they need medical care, they don’t have to rely on that stupendous, we-should-all-have-it Obamacare.

Why change the definition of marriage? Why change the bathroom laws to defy biology? Why tell doctors they have to treat a transgender patient according to their identification on the day of treatment as opposed to their biology on that day? Why deny Islamic jihadist Terrorism when it is in our faces, killing our people? Why is the IRS targeting conservative non-profit organizations? Why did the FBI and lack-of-justice department not do something about it? Newly discovered documents show they knew that right-wing groups were being targeted by the IRS. Why is the same Obama lack-of-justice department now prosecuting researchers whose findings challenge the government’s position on climate change?

It’s all rather simple, actually. A government power grab the likes of which we’ve never before experienced has been going on. The government is purposefully altering society by upsetting it’s basic sensibilities (like redefining marriage, for example), by forcing its citizens to accept racial and gender identification according to one’s feelings on any given day, by forcing religious institutions to go against their core beliefs ostensibly to accommodate Obamacare, by forcing its thinkers to subscribe to its research theories or face prosecution.

The goal? Power in the form of socialism. The same socialism that has continually failed throughout the modern world, over and over again. The same socialism that has allowed the leaders to live free and rich lives while their people are reduced to poverty and the hopelessness of never escaping their lowly place in the socialistic order.

Only the very poor and the very rich ascribe to socialism, for they are happy using other people’s money. But as Margaret Thatcher said, socialism is only good until you run out of other people’s money. America was not designed or created for socialism. It was not designed or created for exercising dictatorial powers over its people. If we continue on this road, we will cease to be the country we are. The altering of society for a government power grab is right out of the socialist handbook.

Once again, God help us.

right way wrong wayBy executive order and changing Federal statutes, today we are changing the meanings of right and left. But not completely. Sometimes right will mean right. Sometimes it will mean left. Sometimes it will mean neither. Good luck to you all.

So I turned right on a no left turn sign and got a ticket. I said what the f… The officer, a nice person really, said he was sorry but I had to respect the alternative definition as recently changed by the current administration and the Feds. He said I simply couldn’t disregard the wishes of persons with alternative beliefs. That, the officer told me, would be discrimination. I asked the officer if my beliefs counted for anything. Of course they did, I was assured, but not as much as they used to count for. Those with alternative beliefs, I was told, counted a little more than me since everything I held sacred about right and left was discarded to accommodate them.

So I turned left on a no left turn sign thinking I was being correct and got stopped by the same officer. The officer was pleasant, even jovial and jocular. As I was issued the ticket I was told I just couldn’t take the things I used to believe literally anymore. Of course they still applied but I was subject to the new rules regarding my old beliefs. When I asked about the fines, the officer told me someone had to pay for alternative lifestyles and of course it couldn’t be that downtrodden minority.

I sucked up the cost of the two tickets but I was worried they might haul me off to jail if I kept disobeying the new law, even if I didn’t understand the new law or its application. The new law contradicted all my basic beliefs and went against everything I’d ever been taught about right and left. But I thought I might give some thought to other people’s feelings and rights.

Then I started to worry. I was left-handed. Would I still be left-handed? Then I was more worried. Forget about turns. Was I driving on the correct side of the street? What about one way streets? Damn. These new laws were vastly more difficult to decipher and follow than I’d imagined. I mean, what if boys and girls bathrooms or dressing rooms weren’t marked and I asked for the boy’s room and they told me it was the one on the right?  Which way should I go? And driving on the wrong side of the street was much worse an offense than those turn tickets. I might lose my license or even worse. And couldn’t a lot of innocent people get hurt?

Jeez, I thought. Maybe the current administration and the Feds hadn’t thought this all the way through. Or, I thought, maybe they had thought it all the way through and had done it for reasons us regular people just couldn’t understand.  Hmmm. What reasons could they have? I asked myself this. I asked myself how it benefited them, not really the people with alternative beliefs, but the Feds themselves. After all, only 0.3 percent of the population considered themselves as trans-lefty or trans-righty, so…

Then it dawned on me. If my deep-set beliefs of left and right were no longer valid, I was caused to doubt myself. I never knew which way to turn. In itself that caused anxiety and anxiety caused me to make mistakes. What if I were asked for directions? Which way should I tell someone to turn? And worse. I’d already gotten two summonses and now they could summons me any time they saw fit since the new rules countermanded old beliefs, long-standing sensibilities and even rationality in some cases. If there were no set definitions anymore for those beliefs we had always held, always believed in and counted on, why then they could summons me at will, according to whim, by target. Yes, they could now target anyone who couldn’t or wouldn’t act in accordance with their fancy. And no one really knew what their fancy was.

I was confounded. I was overwhelmed. I no longer knew which way to turn. This all lent new meaning to the expression of not knowing which way was up.

Left, right, up down. Oh my God, but you can’t say God. Yes, I thought. THE PIGS ARE IN THE HOUSE. I wondered if they knew which way to turn.






Ninety-nine percent of all the people everywhere are just ordinary people who want nothing more than to live their lives. What this basically means is to be able to earn a living, raise a family, maybe pursue a hobby and be reasonably left alone enough to do so. It doesn’t seem all that unreasonable a request. It seems to be a reasonable expectation which at least in America feels like a basic right. After all, we’re supposed to have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Honestly, however, in America it doesn’t currently feel that way. And when the whole world in general is looked at, it certainly doesn’t feel that way. We don’t have to wonder why. It’s pretty clear.

Leaders everywhere are pretty much the same, not the same as the ninety-nine percenters, but the same as each other. Some may start out altruistic and wanting to do well, but most end up fiercely protective of their power and willing to do whatever they must to keep it.

In America, where leaders are elected, some stay elected for the bulk of their lives. After awhile, they feel entitled to their positions and deserving of the benefits. They tend to forget their primary purpose which was to represent their constituents. They enter into party politics to consolidate power and preserve their positions. If they remain true to their wanting-to-do-right selves and go against party politics, that’s the end for them.

In dictatorships, where they’ve literally fought to get to the top in many cases, concern for the people is the last and least concern. Maintaining power and getting rich are the only real cares. We’d have to be privy to the details of their offshore accounts to have empirical evidence, and that’s not going to happen. But every so often we get glimpses of how those dictators and their families live. Remember Imelda Marcos? Remember Yasser Arafat? Look at Kim Jung Un and his father. Remember the old Soviet Politburo? Gorbachev? Khrushchev? The Castros?

Some people may not know some of those names. They are representative of leaders who could care less about the ninety-nine percenters. They and their current counterparts made and now make it pretty hard for most people to simply live their lives. In America and the western world, mainly the capitalist world, those leaders’ infringements on their peoples’ lives are more difficult to see. They ask us to drive economical cars but jet around in private planes. They tell us things that are nonsensical so they can maintain their positions and their power and personally accumulate wealth while many of their constituents can’t find jobs to support their families.

You know who these leaders are. More than half of our leaders in Congress are millionaires. And that would be okay if they helped us pursue our happiness as much as they pursue theirs. That’s the point, isn’t it?

The primary purpose of government is to protect its people. Looking at all the leaders everywhere, you wouldn’t think that at all. You’d think their purpose was to restrict and limit their people so they may remain leaders.

We were supposed to be so much better than this. Endowed with reason and language and ever expanding knowledge, we were supposed to be smarter and better than all other animals.

Really, what has become of us?







mickey rabit from hatAwhile ago Michael Douglas had a movie called The Game. Great movie! One of my personal favorites, in fact. It’s not on my all-time favorites list, but close, and it still airs on cable and TV pretty regularly. In fact, if you look, you might catch it airing soon. It’s about a guy deciding to teach his brother a lesson by running a game on him, an elaborate life-changing game where nothing is what it seems to be.

Well, that’s what they are doing to us. They, our esteemed leaders, the New American Politburo (NAP), are running a game on us. It’s a diabolical game,  a horrible one, and the progression of the game has moved into geometrical mode  in the past eight years. But the game has been going on for a long time, so no one political party or president is solely responsible for it. Nevertheless it goes on and on and on.


  • Every one of the people, all part of the NAP, who vote on gun control, either have armed bodyguards or carry permits or Secret Service protection. They are part of the elite and live in the protected, gated communities. They are safe!
  • Those same NAP people create and implement our education policies but their kids are protected and go to private academies and elite universities. They don’t have to worry about the policies their parents create since they aren’t affected by them.
  • The NAP people aren’t subjected to Obamacare. Remember? At that very last moment, they voted themselves an exclusion. If Obamacare was so wonderful, why would they opt themselves out?
  • For more than fifty years, these now NAP people have said they are trying to fight a war on poverty. The poverty rate in America has not changed. The demographics of the poor have not changed. Are they pulling the wool over our eyes?
  • Ditto the war on drugs. With the underground economy generated by the drug trade, maybe they’re not fighting it too hard. With illegal drugs pacifying a good part of the population, maybe drug use and not solving the problem are beneficial to the NAP.
  • Justice is supposed to be blind. The Lack-of-Justice Department headed by Eric Holder circulated memos to not prosecute Blacks. The most infamous case was Black Panthers on video obstructing voters and intimidating them. Really? And then illegal immigrants: aren’t we supposed to reward people for doing things right? Why are we rewarding them for doing wrong? It’s all part of their game.
  • Then there’s the video that sparked Benghazi and Susan Rice’ s magnificent performance of practiced lies on the Sunday news.
  • And Fort Hood being workplace violence.
  • And the editing of the audio and FBI reports in Orlando. No mention of Allah allowed there.

And on and on.

It used to be that their game was better hidden, less obvious. But it is pretty out there these days. The Game, as it is today, is clear. Making a political party or a single president or even some glaring crooked players the culprits is to no avail since with few exceptions, they’re all part and parcel of the same hypocrisy, players, whether major ones or bit players, in the game, a game no different than the one in the movie where what you see isn’t what you have.

So there it is. Either you’ve downed the Kool-Aid or you haven’t. And whether you have or not, the game is still going on. It will go on until the people get sick and tired of being sick and tired and rise up to do something. Man is by nature selfish and greedy and the selfish and greedy are leading the game, consolidating their power and increasing their wealth. They’re doing it on the backs of the people they were supposed to represent, and as the wealth of the collective people decreases, the wealth of the NAP increases.

That’s what they want. That’s what they care about. The NAP, is no better than the Politburo in the Soviet Union we were taught to despise. Study them and it is easy to see what we have here now.

logical illogical2I remember.

When I started teaching, teachers were able to control a classroom. They had many tools for doing this. The tools ranged from giving a zero for the period to speaking with the child outside the room to detention to calling home to calling the Dean and much more. We had a curriculum and we were responsible for teaching the curriculum. Not only were we rated upon our effectiveness in doing so, but it was important for the kids since the curriculum was cumulative and they needed one semester’s knowledge to be up to speed for the next semester.

When I retired from teaching, all of the tools for keeping order in the classroom were gone. The power had shifted to the children. Some teachers still managed well in this environment, but most were unhappy and ineffective.

So there I was covering a class for an absent teacher, teaching the lesson, and in the midst of the lesson a fourteen year old in the back called out, “I don’t want to learn this s–t, I don’t need to know this s–t, teach me what I want to learn.”

An administrator later told me I should have done just that.

As soon as I was able to, I retired.

Many lessons can be learned from above. There’s lots of literature on the subject, from novels to current studies which show the disintegration of our education system. That disintegration is clear, and its causes are too, but the infusion of big-government and politics has amped up the speed of the descent tremendously.

Let’s go back to the idea that if one feels like a girl today one can use the girl’s bathroom. In high school that’s pretty nefarious. What fifteen year old high school boy hasn’t wanted to peek into the girl’s locker room? Wow! Now they can just go in there and schools lose their Title IX funding if they say no.

It gets better.

If a woman complains about a man in a woman’s dressing room in a department store, she is told to wait until the man is finished. And big business is now involved in asserting pressure on State Legislatures that try to not comply with Federal Regulations and presidential orders regarding these matters. When they attempt to pass legislation to protect the sanctity of the male and female bathrooms, to protect the general gender rights males and females have always enjoyed, big business threatens to leave the state. These, of course, are the same big businesses that do business with countries that   persecute homosexuals, even that put them to death, and that   relegate women to near-slave positions.

It gets even better. There’s a little provision in one of those transgender regulations that says a doctor has to treat a transgender patient according to his/her identity choice as opposed to his/her biology on the day of the visit.

New Rule Requires Doctors To Treat Trans Patients As Their Pretend Sex

I’m not a doctor, so I’m pretty sure I don’t understand what this includes or even understand all the implications. But I am sure it’s ridiculous, even wholly nonsensical, and if I were a doctor, I’d be thinking about quitting or surely restricting my practice. Come to think of it, a lot of doctors have done so in the current medical climate.

Since when does our government have a right to undermine its people’s basic sensibilities? Since when does any big business have a right to use economic pressure to assist the government in doing so? Worse, since when does our government dictate what we can and can’t hear in news reports? What we can believe? What we can believe in?

We have reached the point of absurdity. Without direction and leadership, divided and in chaos, we are sure perish.

As an addendum, today the NBA announced it would not hold its All Star Game next season in  North Carolina because it removed certain anti-discrimination protections for gays, lesbians and bisexuals  from its state legislation. North Carolina requires people to use the bathrooms of their birth gender.

This is a merely a  public showing by the NBA.  Will the NBA move its team there out for the next season or will it continue to do business in North Carolina?  You can’t have it both ways. More than likely, the NBA move today is just another part of their game!

NBA Moves All Star Game for Next Season from North Carolina





quill-pen-300x300Another article on the racial inequity in schools came out not long ago. The numbers highlighted are that blacks are suspended 3.5 times more often than whites and that whites get more experienced teachers and better classes than blacks (and other minorities). Not all the data is out, but the inference from the article’s title is clear.

In reality, the issue is infinitely more complicated than the article would suggest. While the full data set has not been released yet, sight unseen, I’d wager the data, of itself, is accurate. Consequently, all conclusions formulated will be based upon evaluation and interpretation of the data. Want to bet it becomes a righty vs. lefty fight over racist education? And if it does, as The Huffington Post article already infers, we will miss the point completely.

White Students Get Experienced Teachers, While Black Students Get Police In School

So let’s start here: inequity in our society exists. That is an incontrovertible fact. If we had no Blacks and Latinos here at all, inequity would still exist. Some people would be rich and others poor. The rich would live in more protected, less crime-ridden communities that had better facilities. Teachers would prefer to teach in those communities, and given the unionized system we have in place, where positions that come availabe are filled according to seniority within the union and system, the more experienced teachers would be the ones to get the more preferable spots.

The second reason for this is economics. Teachers all get paid the same and get increases for longevity. Many systems refuse tenure to assure a turnover and keep payroll down. Others encourage turnover by giving the untenured, newer teachers a hard time, requiring them to do double the work of their tenured counterparts. This happens at the time they are learning their trade, or at the most difficult time of their career. Instead of coddling and coaxing and rewarding, precisely what teachers are trained to do with their students, they are abused. Four in ten quit in the first year. Fifty percent leave teaching in the first five years.

Remember, mostly due to union seniority rules, the new teachers get the left-open spots which are the least desirable spots in those poor, crime-ridden areas few teachers   want to work  in. And remember we took color and ethnicity out of the equation.

So enough already with racism! It’s like the boy who cried wolf. No, we’re looking at something much more sinister here. Twenty-three billion dollars and over fifty years later, we see our esteemed Politburo-like leaders have not been able to put even a dent in the war on poverty. If government were a business with a real responsibility to the owners, they’d all have been continually fired. We put a man on the moon in ten years. But we can’t even put a dent in the poverty problem in over fifty?


Instead of getting cynical, which is too easy in this case, here are the questions we must ask. Who actually benefits from the status quo? Who benefits from the divisiveness the racial and have-have not rhetoric causes? Who benefits from divide and conquer?

So while that Huffington Post headline is not a lie, it’s not the truth. It is meant to cast an aspersion and to present an image. That image keeps them in business. The notion that our government can actually solve the problem presented keeps the government in business. God help us. And in part, perhaps large part, that is their goal. The government is on a major power grab. If they can make us believe they can solve the problem, they will take over education. This is what the government wants.

We all know images aren’t necessarily reality.  The Huffington Post article is about education but the same questions apply across the board. Who benefits from  not solving the issues  before us and whose interests are best served by maintaining the status quo?

The answers are simple but not easy. The divisive rhetoric is a subterfuge.  The government and its new American Politburo are running a divide-and-conquer game on us and the racism rhetoric is a part of their game meant to  obfuscate the real issues. A true look at the education problem would clearly show how ineffective and off the mark our government is. Not solving this problem and the others, however, is in the government’s best interests. And that is the problem.

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