logical illogical2I remember.

When I started teaching, teachers were able to control a classroom. They had many tools for doing this. The tools ranged from giving a zero for the period to speaking with the child outside the room to detention to calling home to calling the Dean and much more. We had a curriculum and we were responsible for teaching the curriculum. Not only were we rated upon our effectiveness in doing so, but it was important for the kids since the curriculum was cumulative and they needed one semester’s knowledge to be up to speed for the next semester.

When I retired from teaching, all of the tools for keeping order in the classroom were gone. The power had shifted to the children. Some teachers still managed well in this environment, but most were unhappy and ineffective.

So there I was covering a class for an absent teacher, teaching the lesson, and in the midst of the lesson a fourteen year old in the back called out, “I don’t want to learn this s–t, I don’t need to know this s–t, teach me what I want to learn.”

An administrator later told me I should have done just that.

As soon as I was able to, I retired.

Many lessons can be learned from above. There’s lots of literature on the subject, from novels to current studies which show the disintegration of our education system. That disintegration is clear, and its causes are too, but the infusion of big-government and politics has amped up the speed of the descent tremendously.

Let’s go back to the idea that if one feels like a girl today one can use the girl’s bathroom. In high school that’s pretty nefarious. What fifteen year old high school boy hasn’t wanted to peek into the girl’s locker room? Wow! Now they can just go in there and schools lose their Title IX funding if they say no.

It gets better.

If a woman complains about a man in a woman’s dressing room in a department store, she is told to wait until the man is finished. And big business is now involved in asserting pressure on State Legislatures that try to not comply with Federal Regulations and presidential orders regarding these matters. When they attempt to pass legislation to protect the sanctity of the male and female bathrooms, to protect the general gender rights males and females have always enjoyed, big business threatens to leave the state. These, of course, are the same big businesses that do business with countries that   persecute homosexuals, even that put them to death, and that   relegate women to near-slave positions.

It gets even better. There’s a little provision in one of those transgender regulations that says a doctor has to treat a transgender patient according to his/her identity choice as opposed to his/her biology on the day of the visit.

New Rule Requires Doctors To Treat Trans Patients As Their Pretend Sex

I’m not a doctor, so I’m pretty sure I don’t understand what this includes or even understand all the implications. But I am sure it’s ridiculous, even wholly nonsensical, and if I were a doctor, I’d be thinking about quitting or surely restricting my practice. Come to think of it, a lot of doctors have done so in the current medical climate.

Since when does our government have a right to undermine its people’s basic sensibilities? Since when does any big business have a right to use economic pressure to assist the government in doing so? Worse, since when does our government dictate what we can and can’t hear in news reports? What we can believe? What we can believe in?

We have reached the point of absurdity. Without direction and leadership, divided and in chaos, we are sure perish.

As an addendum, today the NBA announced it would not hold its All Star Game next season in  North Carolina because it removed certain anti-discrimination protections for gays, lesbians and bisexuals  from its state legislation. North Carolina requires people to use the bathrooms of their birth gender.

This is a merely a  public showing by the NBA.  Will the NBA move its team there out for the next season or will it continue to do business in North Carolina?  You can’t have it both ways. More than likely, the NBA move today is just another part of their game!

NBA Moves All Star Game for Next Season from North Carolina