mickey rabit from hatAwhile ago Michael Douglas had a movie called The Game. Great movie! One of my personal favorites, in fact. It’s not on my all-time favorites list, but close, and it still airs on cable and TV pretty regularly. In fact, if you look, you might catch it airing soon. It’s about a guy deciding to teach his brother a lesson by running a game on him, an elaborate life-changing game where nothing is what it seems to be.

Well, that’s what they are doing to us. They, our esteemed leaders, the New American Politburo (NAP), are running a game on us. It’s a diabolical game,  a horrible one, and the progression of the game has moved into geometrical mode  in the past eight years. But the game has been going on for a long time, so no one political party or president is solely responsible for it. Nevertheless it goes on and on and on.


  • Every one of the people, all part of the NAP, who vote on gun control, either have armed bodyguards or carry permits or Secret Service protection. They are part of the elite and live in the protected, gated communities. They are safe!
  • Those same NAP people create and implement our education policies but their kids are protected and go to private academies and elite universities. They don’t have to worry about the policies their parents create since they aren’t affected by them.
  • The NAP people aren’t subjected to Obamacare. Remember? At that very last moment, they voted themselves an exclusion. If Obamacare was so wonderful, why would they opt themselves out?
  • For more than fifty years, these now NAP people have said they are trying to fight a war on poverty. The poverty rate in America has not changed. The demographics of the poor have not changed. Are they pulling the wool over our eyes?
  • Ditto the war on drugs. With the underground economy generated by the drug trade, maybe they’re not fighting it too hard. With illegal drugs pacifying a good part of the population, maybe drug use and not solving the problem are beneficial to the NAP.
  • Justice is supposed to be blind. The Lack-of-Justice Department headed by Eric Holder circulated memos to not prosecute Blacks. The most infamous case was Black Panthers on video obstructing voters and intimidating them. Really? And then illegal immigrants: aren’t we supposed to reward people for doing things right? Why are we rewarding them for doing wrong? It’s all part of their game.
  • Then there’s the video that sparked Benghazi and Susan Rice’ s magnificent performance of practiced lies on the Sunday news.
  • And Fort Hood being workplace violence.
  • And the editing of the audio and FBI reports in Orlando. No mention of Allah allowed there.

And on and on.

It used to be that their game was better hidden, less obvious. But it is pretty out there these days. The Game, as it is today, is clear. Making a political party or a single president or even some glaring crooked players the culprits is to no avail since with few exceptions, they’re all part and parcel of the same hypocrisy, players, whether major ones or bit players, in the game, a game no different than the one in the movie where what you see isn’t what you have.

So there it is. Either you’ve downed the Kool-Aid or you haven’t. And whether you have or not, the game is still going on. It will go on until the people get sick and tired of being sick and tired and rise up to do something. Man is by nature selfish and greedy and the selfish and greedy are leading the game, consolidating their power and increasing their wealth. They’re doing it on the backs of the people they were supposed to represent, and as the wealth of the collective people decreases, the wealth of the NAP increases.

That’s what they want. That’s what they care about. The NAP, is no better than the Politburo in the Soviet Union we were taught to despise. Study them and it is easy to see what we have here now.