Ninety-nine percent of all the people everywhere are just ordinary people who want nothing more than to live their lives. What this basically means is to be able to earn a living, raise a family, maybe pursue a hobby and be reasonably left alone enough to do so. It doesn’t seem all that unreasonable a request. It seems to be a reasonable expectation which at least in America feels like a basic right. After all, we’re supposed to have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Honestly, however, in America it doesn’t currently feel that way. And when the whole world in general is looked at, it certainly doesn’t feel that way. We don’t have to wonder why. It’s pretty clear.

Leaders everywhere are pretty much the same, not the same as the ninety-nine percenters, but the same as each other. Some may start out altruistic and wanting to do well, but most end up fiercely protective of their power and willing to do whatever they must to keep it.

In America, where leaders are elected, some stay elected for the bulk of their lives. After awhile, they feel entitled to their positions and deserving of the benefits. They tend to forget their primary purpose which was to represent their constituents. They enter into party politics to consolidate power and preserve their positions. If they remain true to their wanting-to-do-right selves and go against party politics, that’s the end for them.

In dictatorships, where they’ve literally fought to get to the top in many cases, concern for the people is the last and least concern. Maintaining power and getting rich are the only real cares. We’d have to be privy to the details of their offshore accounts to have empirical evidence, and that’s not going to happen. But every so often we get glimpses of how those dictators and their families live. Remember Imelda Marcos? Remember Yasser Arafat? Look at Kim Jung Un and his father. Remember the old Soviet Politburo? Gorbachev? Khrushchev? The Castros?

Some people may not know some of those names. They are representative of leaders who could care less about the ninety-nine percenters. They and their current counterparts made and now make it pretty hard for most people to simply live their lives. In America and the western world, mainly the capitalist world, those leaders’ infringements on their peoples’ lives are more difficult to see. They ask us to drive economical cars but jet around in private planes. They tell us things that are nonsensical so they can maintain their positions and their power and personally accumulate wealth while many of their constituents can’t find jobs to support their families.

You know who these leaders are. More than half of our leaders in Congress are millionaires. And that would be okay if they helped us pursue our happiness as much as they pursue theirs. That’s the point, isn’t it?

The primary purpose of government is to protect its people. Looking at all the leaders everywhere, you wouldn’t think that at all. You’d think their purpose was to restrict and limit their people so they may remain leaders.

We were supposed to be so much better than this. Endowed with reason and language and ever expanding knowledge, we were supposed to be smarter and better than all other animals.

Really, what has become of us?