big-government-child-cartoonWhat will they tell us we have to believe in or ascribe to next?

I wonder. Some idiotic stuff is happening these days in an attempt to alter the society we live in. That might, perhaps, be okay, maybe, if the intent of the chaos-building changes were sincere or altruistic or even based upon beliefs, whether misguided or not, aimed at the betterment of our country and society.

But they are not. They are part of the fundamental transformation of America as wrought upon us by Barack Obama and the Progressive Party.

In part, it started, this time around, with Al Gore. The inventor of the internet, sore sport from the loss in 2000, sold America on global warming. Global warming has morphed into climate change. That’s because the current administration had difficulty selling global warming. The president and his progressives want us to believe if the winter is too cold or there’s too much snow, it’s global warming. Similarly, if it’s too hot or we set a record hot temperature, it’s global warming. Any super-bad storm, irregular hurricane, yup, global warming.

The earth is four billion years old. We’ve only been keeping records since 1915, about a hundred years. Governments around the world fund the vast bulk of the climate change/global warming research. The researchers and their government-funded agencies have a vested interest in supporting the government’s desired results, in slanting their studies to point where the government wants. If they do not support government policy, they are out of business.

The other day John Kerry was telling us that the chemicals used in air conditioners were dangerous, as dangerous as ISIS, and he was suggesting once again we must sacrifice in the name of this most dangerous enemy, climate change. Yes. climate change is our first priority, Kerry says, because it is our most dangerous foe.

Right! Think Kerry’s shutting off his air conditioners? We ride around in compact cars. They ride in big Suburbans and fly around on private planes, all air conditioned too. Al Gore fat cat uses about twenty times more   electricity in a month than the average American.

Several days ago Obama said we were more safe than ever before and that we should go out and laugh and have a good time playing in the sun. The night before was the Fort Myers nightclub shooting, a teen party. Then there was Orlando and Nice and Munich and Paris. And on and on. Most recently, in France a Priest saying mass was put to his knees and his throat cut.

But what difference at this point does it make?

Obama is safe. His family is safe. The great minds and wonderful servants our New American Politburo leaders are, are all safe, well taken care of and pretty rich too. And if something happens and they need medical care, they don’t have to rely on that stupendous, we-should-all-have-it Obamacare.

Why change the definition of marriage? Why change the bathroom laws to defy biology? Why tell doctors they have to treat a transgender patient according to their identification on the day of treatment as opposed to their biology on that day? Why deny Islamic jihadist Terrorism when it is in our faces, killing our people? Why is the IRS targeting conservative non-profit organizations? Why did the FBI and lack-of-justice department not do something about it? Newly discovered documents show they knew that right-wing groups were being targeted by the IRS. Why is the same Obama lack-of-justice department now prosecuting researchers whose findings challenge the government’s position on climate change?

It’s all rather simple, actually. A government power grab the likes of which we’ve never before experienced has been going on. The government is purposefully altering society by upsetting it’s basic sensibilities (like redefining marriage, for example), by forcing its citizens to accept racial and gender identification according to one’s feelings on any given day, by forcing religious institutions to go against their core beliefs ostensibly to accommodate Obamacare, by forcing its thinkers to subscribe to its research theories or face prosecution.

The goal? Power in the form of socialism. The same socialism that has continually failed throughout the modern world, over and over again. The same socialism that has allowed the leaders to live free and rich lives while their people are reduced to poverty and the hopelessness of never escaping their lowly place in the socialistic order.

Only the very poor and the very rich ascribe to socialism, for they are happy using other people’s money. But as Margaret Thatcher said, socialism is only good until you run out of other people’s money. America was not designed or created for socialism. It was not designed or created for exercising dictatorial powers over its people. If we continue on this road, we will cease to be the country we are. The altering of society for a government power grab is right out of the socialist handbook.

Once again, God help us.