hypocrisy meter.pngOne of the comediennes does a bit about how her friends, mostly younger than her, meaning in their thirties, love watching zombie movies because they love being scared. She goes on to say that there’s plenty of real stuff to scare her, like the mole that appeared on her wrist, and like the mailman who hasn’t brought her anything good since she was ten. She doesn’t need scary movies. Regular life stuff scares her enough. Not funny here, but plenty funny in her routine.

The world is a pretty scary place these days. Obama wouldn’t have us think so, and when Mrs. Obama painted that lovely picture of her kids playing happily outside on the White House lawn she neglected to say that hers are the only kids who can do that. Kids in the inner cities, on the asphalt lawns, probably don’t identify with the Obamas’ rosy pictures. His going outside to play in the sun and their going outside to play in the sun aren’t quite the same.

We don’t really talk about the scariest stuff of all. We talk about some of it, the terrorists, the racial divisions, the decline of America, the economic divide between the rich and the poor. These tend to appear a lot. We talk about climate change and Hillary says she believes in science, as if what the government is doing is actually science. Science is search and research and exploration and experimentation. Not-science is when the federal government’s attorney general prosecutes private scientists whose  opinions contradict what the government wants to hear. That’s what it’s doing to opposition to its own findings on climate change.

Now that’s not the scariest stuff. The scariest stuff is when our leaders willfully lie  to us outright. The scariest stuff is when they hold to the notion that if they say something enough times it will have credence, even if it is outrageous. The scariest stuff is that our leaders have no shame, no ethics, no morals and no principles.

But the scariest thing of all is that altogether, as a people, as a species, this may be the best we can do. Man is by nature greedy and selfish. Our reason and intellect were supposed to keep this in check and up to a point, until recently, it has. But then again, now, in today’s world one has to factor in the effects of the electronic age, that with cable news and 24/7 cell phone alerts and all the social media, everything is seen. Maybe it was always this way and we just didn’t see a lot of it. Still in all, they should know better and they should do better.

Scary is Bill Clinton telling that love story as if he were a wonderful faithful husband. Scary is Hillary still lying about her email stuff when she’s already been proven a liar by Comey. Scary is Obama and Hillary talking about Trump’s dirty dealings when they’ve done worse. Shameful, shameful, the pot calling the kettle black. Scary is Dem Dems professing to be unifiers, pretending to care about the “little people,” pretending it’s always the Republicans to blame when in fact they are more than equally culpable.

So that’s the scary stuff. Dem Dems were truly shameful, actually shameless, so outrageously hypocritical it’s truly frightening. And Dem Repubs, they’re no better. Rubio  swore he wouldn’t run again in Florida, right? And the check is in the mail.

Shame on us for tolerating this crap. Shame on us for not calling them all out. Shame on us for not looking at what we’ve got in America and not stopping them from trashing it all.