WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Got
WYSIWYG NOT: What You See Is Not What You Got

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While no specific Federal Law prohibiting bullying exists, anti-bullying is enforced by the DOJ (which is usually referred to here as the lack-of-Justice department) and by the US Department of Education when it overlaps with discriminatory harassment which is covered by Federal Civil Rights Statutes. The point is that all schools now have anti-bullying policies and the powers that be make a big deal, a very big deal, in fact, about how wrong and bad bullying is. We hear about bullying mostly in regard to discrimination against members of the LBGT community now, but bullying goes on all over the place. In today’s world which is all political, however, we only hear about it when it involves a political issue where the Democrats can show themselves to be champions of the downtrodden, where they can use the issue to garner votes.

They, the New American Politburo (NAP), profess to being anti-bullying. Nevertheless, they are the biggest bullies of all.  WYSIWYG NOT!

Start with Harry Reid, one of the most despicable politicians ever, a total disgrace to his party and to America overall. Like a mafia Don or a Czarist dictator, he bullied his party in the Senate, forcing his underling colleagues to not allow any bills to come to the floor for votes. Yes, he’s the one who lied about Mitt Romney’s not paying taxes and proudly admitted it after Romney lost, saying he was proud of what he’d done, proud of lying, since Romney lost.

Go next to you-have-to-sign-it-to-see-what’s-in-it Pelosi, the one whose personal wealth skyrocketed from about 13 million when she came into office to well over 100 million today. She bullied her colleagues into passing Obamacare and many other things despite knowing the realities of the bill and the fraudulent claims being made about it, all of which have come to light in the last few years.

She and Harry Reid will decry bullying whenever, wherever and however they can when they can make it seem that the GOP is bullying Gays, Lesbians, women, minorities, etc., yet they will bully the media, their party and the groups they represent (by threatening to end their freebies) into attacking political opponents even when they know the attacks are without merit.

Those wonderful, wonderfully hypocritical, Donkeys regarding anti-bullying: WYSIWYG NOT.

And of course the best  is   last. It’s really hard to know where to start with Obama, the anti-bullying-preaching bully-in-chief. Maybe we should start with his directing Eric Holder not to prosecute blacks by policy and by letting the Black Panthers go, even though  caught on tape bullying white voters at the polls. Then move on to the IRS and allowing Lois Lerner to bully conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. There are so many instances of his bullying that it’s mind boggling. Shoot ahead to using the lack-of-justice department to force that group of nuns to provide birth control, or that baker to participate in a wedding that went against his religious beliefs, or go back to his forcing the auto industry to capitulate to the Federal Government: all examples of his bullying.

Or maybe we should talk about forcing his advisers to doctor the intelligence reports or using Loretta Lynch to bully the FBI. Of course the best of all is the bullying of schools and the states to capitulate to the whole transgender bathroom fiasco. Never mind personal beliefs. You will do what they say or they will withhold Federal funding. If that’s not bullying what is? And one last one,  another doozy, is the prosecuting of researchers who do not support the government position on climate change. That one takes the cake: bullying scientists to alter science.

And so it goes. WYSIWYG NOT regarding bullying when the government that so strongly preaches no bullying is the biggest bully of all.