African beheading sword

African Beheading Sword

When he kissed her, she slapped him. He thought that couldn’t be right. So he kissed her harder. This time she punched him and blackened his eye. Love wins out in the end, he thought, so he gave her flowers and candy. She gladly accepted these. Then he went to kiss her again and she shot him. She ate the candy, stole his wallet and threw the flowers on his corpse. She walked off laughing at his silliness and naiveté.

My father was a POW in Nazi Germany in WWII for three and a half years. Lots of people today don’t remember that war. When they study it in school it is simply part of a Social Studies unit, something in a book with pictures and statistics and even disputed theories of how it started. The Iranians would have us believe that The Holocaust never happened, and many others want to believe that too. Try telling those few remaining survivors it never occurred. Try telling it to their families, those survivors lucky enough to have been able to salvage a family or create a new one.

Hitler wanted “to cleanse” the German race. Jews were only one of their targets. Does Will Smith ever wonder when he talks about America “cleansing” itself of Donald Trump that he might not even be here if we had offered the Nazis love and jobs instead of fighting them with bullets? How insulting of Mr. Smith to invoke that comparison. How utterly shortsighted and equally insulting of him and the liberals to make Hitler comparisons and Facist intimations.

So let’s talk about that liberal idea of offering the terrorists love and sanctuary and jobs. Did the Nazis worry about such things? They took whatever they wanted. The Red Cross sent aid to the POWs, but the Germans stole anything and everything. Hitler let the world appease him at first and then he used that appeasement as a sign of weakness or reticence or both and went on to kill eleven million people. Oppressors will take every act of kindness and charity and love with a smile and then they will kill you. If you’ve never been in jeopardy or have not intimately known someone who has faced oppressors, you can believe a hug and a job will work. If you understand that oppressors, especially ideologically driven ones, are intent upon having only what they want and will not stop until they get it or are dead, you better have a weapon and be prepared to use it.

When the Nazis were being overrun and the Russians were closing in on them, they took the POWs on The Death March, marching them in blizzard conditions toward Berlin so the Russians and the rest of the world could not see what they had done. They had stolen everything of value from the POWs.  Some POWs had no coats, no shoes, no hats or gloves. Many, many POWs died from frostbite. Those who fell were left to die, the Nazis not even wasting bullets on them. This is the Islamic Jihadist Terrorist mentality and MO.

Love thy neighbor is meaningless when thy neighbor is beheading thy brothers.


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