follow the money 3Politicians are masters at subterfuge. After we look at them and see how truly shameful they should feel, we  must look at ourselves. We should be ashamed of ourselves because we keep electing them, over and over and over again. They are despicable, hypocrites all. They are dishonest, liars all. Yes all of them. There’s not a single one who hasn’t lied to the American public. Some of them are simply more brazen about it than others and all of them defend their lying by subterfuge, with the cheapest of rhetorical techniques: look at what s/he did, said, etc.

What we, the American people, have forgotten is to look into things, to check things out, to see what’s really going on and who’s really who or what’s really what.

This year’s presidential election is very important. The next president will pick at least one Supreme Court Justice, but the one picked will break the four-four court we have now. Very likely, if Hillary wins, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire and the court will go to six-three for the libs. That would insure their imposing their doctrines on the American people for decades to come. No longer would there remain even a pretense of an unbiased, apolitical court whose sole purpose is to decide the constitutionality of the issues it hears. Instead, the libs will push the court to new and unprecedented extremes, to making decisions far beyond rulings on constitutionality. This would be unfortunate.

It’s hard to believe that Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and the rest of the big-wig Elephants, even Mitt Romney, who has acted despicably, don’t see this. So if they were one little bit the ideologues they claim to be, they would do what they could to prevent a Donkey win. So why don’t they? Follow the money!

 Next is the media. Jorge Ramos’ anti-Trump position?  Check out who the owner of Univision is and the donations he’s given to the Clinton foundation and Hillary’s campaign. That’s between 10 and 25 million to the former and the 100K max to the latter. Follow the money!

Similarly, check out the owners of The New York Times and Washington Post to see where their political bents are and you’ll see why the papers are biased. Follow the money!

GE was in the White House early on in the Obama first term, it’s CEO appointed to Obama’s energy commission. At that time, GE scored major sweetheart deals, on lightbulbs, on solar stuff, with China. GE then owned NBC. NBC, MSNBC et al. supported, strongly supported, overwhelmingly supported and continually support… Follow the money!

Clinton says she will strongly back Israel. But George Soros, who has spent millions of dollars personally attempting to bring about Israel’s demise, has donated countless millions to the DNC, to Hillary superpacs and to her campaign as well. He’s known to have given 8 million outright. He’s spearheaded the raising of 100 million more, is the person behind, and he’s also linked by the CIA to a terrorist bombing in Czechoslovakia. Soros strongly supported and financed   Obama. Look at Obama’s actions toward Israel. Imagine  what Clinton’s position on Israel and other matters will really be.   Follow the money! 

This election is too important to vote on by sound bite or biased media coverage. Really, follow the money. See who’s doing what behind the scenes and why. The education departments throughout the country pride themselves on teaching students how to reason. Avoid the false, subterfuge argument meant deflect responsibility for actions. Skip the false labels one side tries to pin on the other. Follow the money to see what’s true and what isn’t.  Money doesn’t lie. People lie about money, about where they get it from. Behind the money and all the rhetoric there are facts to be seen. Follow the money trails to the facts.


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