From The Ghost Writer


Rose and Murph sat down on the sofa together, more like plopped down. Carla had gone up to shower and go to bed. Carla and Rose had started drinking before dinner and had giggled like kids throughout the meal. Keekah and Keelah told Murph they’d never seen Rose like this before, ever, and they’d been working for Rose for more than fifteen years. Fred, the chauffeur, concurred, and he told Murph he thought it was not only humorous but it was healthy for Rose too.

Before dinner, Rose and Carla had stripped naked and gone swimming in the indoor pool. Even though Rose had not been to the house through the winter, Keekah and Keelah had come out regularly, and Rose kept a pool service throughout the year. The water was warm, clean and lovely, the house was open and aired and ready for the rest of the spring and summer. Murph had stood off to the side and watched them, seeing Rose undressed for the first time. He’d been invited to join them but had declined.

After the swim, the women had taken a sauna. They sat naked together, talking and laughing, goofing on Murph and other things. Carla was shy, not about the nakedness or anything regarding the physical intimacy she and Rose seemed to be building, but regarding money. Here she was just a regular working woman of modest means, not wanting for anything and settled with enough for the rest of her life, but there was Rose, worth about ninety million dollars, with homes in Paris and London as well as here on the Island and there in Bayside. No way she could reciprocate with things, and this made her uncomfortable. It didn’t stop her from rubbing Rose’s back in the sauna, or her front for that matter as they oiled each other, and it didn’t stop her from copping feels of Rose and Rose responding in kind and both of them giggling like high school girls as they felt each other up playfully.

“I’ve had a wonderful day,” Rose said. “Carla and I had great fun. Tomorrow you’re swimming with us and joining us in the sauna.”

“We’ll see about that.”

“Yes we will. It’s already decided.” Rose rested her head on Murph’s shoulder and leaned up against him. “I’m dying to see you in your birthday suit.”

“Don’t hold your breath.”

“We’ll see what happens.”

“Yeah, we will. What else did you two talk about?” Murph asked.

“Everything. The project we’re doing, plans for new projects, life, sex, love, politics. She loves you very much.”

“I love her too.”

“I know . And Carla knows. She’s very outspoken and daring as well. I think she and I might become good friends. We’ve had some interesting banter and some interesting little explorations.”

“Anything I should know about? What new projects?”

“In good time.” Rose snuggled up closer. “Carla said I could snuggle with you. She said you and I could do a lot more too.”

“Like what? Did you forget we have a project to finish together?”

“I haven’t forgotten anything. Carla seems to think we’d do better if we have nothing between us.” Rose stroked Murph’s thigh softly, suggestively. “Nothing,” she whispered.

“I think we’re doing fine just as we are.”

“You would,” Rose said. She turned and kissed Murph on the cheek. “I think I’ll join Carla in the shower. See you in the morning or maybe later. Who knows?” She stood up, leaned down over Murph and kissed him on the lips. “Nite,” she said.

“Night,” Murph said. Watching her head toward the stairs, he wondered how he’d gotten roped into the weekend. Before going up to bed, he went to take a look at the pool. To his surprise, Keekah and Keelah were swimming. He stood off to the side and watched them, doing his best to remain unseen.