From The Ghost Writer


“Did you like looking at my sister and me?” Keekah asked when Murph walked into the kitchen for coffee Saturday morning. “You stood there long enough.”

Murph didn’t know what to say. He was embarrassed, taken aback.

“Caught with my hand in the cookie jar,” he said, trying to pass it off.

“Well did you?”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“I liked being watched. So did my sister. You should have joined us in the hot tub. We’d have given you something to write about. You could have had some cookies.”

“It’s never too late.”

“Maybe. How’d you sleep?”

“All alone.”

“Well they’re not down yet. See, I told you last week Miss Rose had taken to Miss Carla. Maybe it’s more than that. Would you mind?”

“I don’t know. I don’t want anything interfering with our work.”

“Work, shmirk,” Keekah said. She laughed. “Just kidding, well at least a little. This is life and life trumps work. Rose needs a friend. A lover wouldn’t hurt either, male or female, as long as they care about her. And I mean really care.”

“What’s on the agenda for today?” Murph asked.

“I have no idea. Keelah and I have some cleaning and straightening up to do and then cooking, of course. I don’t think you meant us though, did you?”

“I’m interested, you know, but I really meant with them.” Murph topped off his mug even though he hadn’t nearly finished the coffee inside. “I’d like to get some work done, so I’m hoping they’ll be out most of the day.”

“Keelah and I plan to have a swim before we start dinner.”

“That sounds nice.”

Keekah winked at Murph. “Spring is in the air,” she said. Then, “It’s really nice out on the veranda or on the deck off the pool. I’m making eggs and bacon and sausage, all that. I’ll bring you a plate.”

Murph was just settled on the deck when Rose and Carla, both barefoot and in terry robes, joined him. They each carried coffee.

“Morning sweetie,” Carla said. She leaned down and kissed him.

“Good morning Mory,” Rose said. She leaned down and kissed him too. “Sleep well?”

“Actually I did. What about you two?”

“We had a most pleasant night,” Rose said. “You could have joined us if you’d sought us out.”

“You could have slept between us,” Carla said. “We both would have enjoyed that. We think you would have too.”

“I thought you needed to get to know each other, that you probably had things to talk over.”

“We did,” Rose said. “But it didn’t have to exclude you.”

“It’s better this way,” Murph said.

“You sure?” Carla asked. She disrobed and paraded nude for Rose and Murph. Then she loosened the tie on Rose’s robe. Rose let the robe fall away from her. Carla kissed Rose, a long deep kiss.  “I’m taking a swim,” she said.

“Meet you in a minute,” Rose said. She bid Murph make room for her and sat herself in his lap. She kissed him then led his hands over her body. “Seems we’re moving in a slightly different direction,” she said. She smiled as she guided his fingers where she chose. She kissed him, long and deep. “I’m going for a swim now,” she said.

A moment later Keekah brought his breakfast plate. Murph wasn’t hungry but he ate out of nervousness.


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