From The Ghost  Writer

Murph planned to work all day on the deck beside the indoor pool. The pool enclosure had two sets of sliding doors which led to the deck. The rest of it was insulated glass panels. Rose had decorators pick tapestry-like curtains to cover all the glass. They were on sliding tracks which were electronically controlled. There was even a remote control.

He had not brought his laptop because Rose said she had many of them all kept up to date by her computer service. Rose had made a phone call and the service had brought over two machines. Murph chose one and set it up. He found it ready to go, a spiffy state of the art thing with lots and lots of RAM. All he had to do was plug in his thumb drive.

Rose and Carla romped about in the pool while he ate his breakfast. He sat so he could watch them, and he thought they went out of their way a little to put on a show for him. Keekah stood and watched awhile too. She’d brought Murph fresh orange juice and a pitcher of coffee for the table. As she watched she’d sidled up next to him and pressed herself toward him so that without much effort his hand could brush up on her buttocks. He helped himself to a generous feel, and to his surprise, she pressed on his hand.

“I ain’t wearing no bloomers,” Keekah said. As she said this, she lifted the house dress just a touch for him, to give him the go ahead.

Murph slid his hand upward along the back of her thighs but as he was about to explore the uncharted territory Keelah walked in.

Keelah was not her sister’s double but the resemblance was obvious. She was a year younger and she and Murph had met just yesterday for the first time. She had reminded him that she would be the one cleaning his and Carla’s apartments and that she still needed keys.

“Caught you,” she said to her sister. “Ain’t you got no shame?”

“None whatsoever,” Keekah said. Then, “Go on, take a good feel,” she told Murph. “You can feel her too so she don’t feel slighted.”

Murph began to explore the area while Keelah poured herself some coffee. Like Murph and her sister, she watched Rose and Carla in the pool.

“Some boys got all the luck,” she said.

“You think?” Keekah said.

“Why, what you think?”

“I think this boy got a nice touch.”

“Let me see,” Keelah said. She stood on the other side of Murph, took his free hand and guided it where she wanted. “You sure this is okay?” she asked.

“Who you asking?” Murph said, “me or her?”

“Them,” she said looking to Rose and Carla who were just getting out of the pool. Miss Carla more than Miss Rose since she’s your woman.”

“Don’t Miss Rose look happy?” Keekah mused.

“More than I’ve ever seen her,” Keelah said.

Before the sisters started back into the house, they told Murph they’d be around for anything he needed or wanted during the entire weekend and said they’d bring out breakfast for the women.

“You do have a good touch,” Keelah said winking at Murph.

Rose and Carla came to the table wrapped in towels. They did look happy, Murph thought. Carla poured coffee for Rose and herself and neither of them bothered to cover up when their towels slipped away from them as they sat with Murph.