pigs-flyIt’s kind of hard to keep writing about all the crap going on around us. Truly. That’s because we’ve hit the point of absurdity. We are now continually bombarded with ridiculousness. Craziness and lies abound. This is not imagination or conspiracy theory. It’s a fact of our lives. But rather than confront them, many people stick their heads in electronic devices and hibernate.

The result of such hibernation may very well be the end of us. Some political scientists believe that all empires have a life span: Social Cycle Theory. Maybe we’re on our downturn.

Maybe it’s just the times. Maybe social media, electronic media and cyberspace have drawn back the veils that protected presidents in the past. Maybe the technological advances in the past eight years have revealed so much information it’s become impossible to make sense of it all. Consequently, things seem absurd.

Maybe I’m hallucinating!

Maybe it’s that the lies and deceptions have reached critical mass. They come now all the time and from everywhere. It seems we’ve lost control of the very government we are supposed to own.

So take a deep breath and sit back comfortably.

Remember Rob Ford? He was the crackhead mayor of Toronto. He was out of the closet about his drug use, and even being openly viewed as a crackhead, his antics notoriously portrayed in video after video on the news, he won reelection. Because of the law, the people of Toronto were unable to remove him from office. They could effectively neutralize his power, but they could not extricate him from office.

He was a pathetic figure. His antics were absurd, his actions and behaviors equally absurd. The people viewed him as an absurdity. The laws and regulations, in their inability to remove him were more absurd than he was.

Tonight is our first presidential election debate. Look at who will be on that stage.

Hillary went from dead broke, even in debt, as she said, to a net worth of over one hundred fifty million dollars, mostly while in public office and without either her or her husband having a business or a product to market. Together, she and her husband have been involved in more scandal than anyone in her camp would care to discuss. Currently, well, you know about the email scandal, now starring a crooked FBI and a head of the Lack-of-Justice Department who not only had a secret meeting with her husband but who has been offered her same job in Hillary’s administration. She lied about the emails, Benghazi, even her health.

Absurd? Absurd to have her as a candidate? You bet!

Donald Trump. A year ago no one took him seriously as a candidate. He’s not a politician, he answered a question about sacrifice saying he’d built many big structures. He’s an enigma and a caricature.

Absurd? Absurd to have him as a candidate? Maybe!

So here we are. We are the laughing stock of the world. The greatest country ever, the one everyone wants to emigrate to, has been reduced to the theater of the absurd.

Add to it the most transparent administration in history, the one whose only transparency is that it continually lies, about everything, about anything. The only thing it doesn’t conceal is that it lies.

Used to be we had two genders. Remember those days? Now the government tries to tell us there  are thirty-two, that a boy isn’t a boy and can use the girl’s bathroom. It also tries to tell us that if you identify with a different race or gender than what you are, you can be classified as that.

Absurd? You bet. Try identifying. yourself as poor on tax day because you feel that way. See how well that works!

Susan Rice, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren, Lindsay Graham, Barney Frank, Al Franken: they are more absurd than Rob Ford. They make Rob Ford seem normal.

So here we are, not in wonderland but in absurdity-land. Yes, despite his passing on, Rob Ford is alive and well in America, his spirit guiding our leaders and potential leaders on how to make America the ridiculous.

Oy Vey!