free-stuff As Venezuela collapses financially before our very eyes, yet another example of how no socialist government has been able to survive and thrive, the progressives here ignore the warning, attempting to rewrite history and promising the American voters the world in return for their votes to power.

It’s ludicrous.

One of their issues is free college for everyone. Let’s not kid ourselves. Nothing is free. Someone has to pay somewhere. If you believe their argument that the rich aren’t paying enough, you can bet it will be them. But if you look at the way our tax system works, you know it will not be them. More than likely it will be Mr. and Mrs. Joe Q. Average-Citizen, those of us who work, pay taxes and follow the law, those of us who struggle and sacrifice to take care of our families, those of us who pay more taxes so illegal immigrants can pay in-state tuition in college while we pay higher fees for our kids on top of the higher taxes.

Down and dirty, that’s how it works. But progressives and liberals won’t say that. They’ll steal your votes like they steal your tax dollars. It’s a scam. They’re scamming us.

Another of their issues is student loan reform and loan forgiveness. They lump it together, but they’re actually two issues.

On the one hand, student loan reform, as it’s history demonstrates, is actually only changing the beneficiaries of the political favor of owning the debt to  the people in charge’s closest friends.  On the other, hand it is an extension of the outrageous Federal power grab that has been imposed upon us by the Obama regime . It’s really that simple.

But there is a whole other facet of student loan forgiveness to look at. What are we teaching our kids? Whatever happened to teaching economics and fiscal responsibility? Perhaps people who borrow a hundred thousand dollars for college with no prospects of repayment don’t belong in college. Really! Where does that sense of entitlement come from? Where are their advisors? But that’s the real point. Those advisers are telling them it’s okay, that they can borrow as much as they want since if they hold out long enough they won’t have to pay it back. Those advisers are hucksters for the colleges and creditors, selling their wares by reinforcing a false sense of entitlement. It all kind of sounds like how the Obama administration tells us that his doubling of the national debt isn’t really important, that the debt isn’t so bad, that it’s not a real issue at all.

Whatever happened to if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it? Whatever happened to no? Whatever happened to good old American ingenuity, to working for what you want and buying it when you can afford it? To being reasonable?

The scammers, those name-calling, division-seeking libs and progressives are teaching us the wrong lessons. No, it’s not okay to be irresponsible. They are not our saviors. Life is not fair and no matter what anyone says or does, there’s no way to even out the wealth. No power-grabbing progressive government can do that. They will tell you they can or let you borrow yourself into oblivion so their cronies can profit from your debt. But sometimes we have to shake free from their false promises and see reality.

Man is by nature selfish and greedy, and the selfish and greedy are in charge. Truman said that “An honest public servant can’t become rich in politics.” Follow the money. You don’t have to sign it to see what’s in it. You have to stick to basics and be sensible. Sensible says you read and understand before you sign.