From The Ghost Writer

quill-pen-300x300Slouched up against Murph, Rose called for a bottle of champagne for her and Carla. She told Keekah, who answered her call, that she and Keelah were to wear their maid uniforms for the evening and that they were to make sure everyone had everything they wanted. She told Keekah dinner would be at eight by candlelight on the deck by the pool.

Keekah brought the champagne right away. Keelah followed shortly afterward with a tray on which was caviar with all the accoutrements. Keelah had already donned the maid’s uniform. Low cut and short, it reminded Murph of the waitresses in the hotel in Cleveland where he’d worked. They’d all worn French maid’s uniforms. Rosie and Edelgarte were the two he’d fed steak and lobster tails. Rosie wore a trench coat with just her uniform underneath to the motel. One time when Edelgarte had met them, she’d worn a trench coat with nothing underneath. Murph had written a story about it, sort of.

When Keelah leaned over to set the tray on the coffee table, both Rose and Carla put their feet down. Murph could see just about all of Keelah’s breasts. He wondered why it was so much sexier this way. When they’d been swimming he’d seen all of her and her sister. They’d even made sure he saw all of them. After awhile their nudity had become commonplace, banal, and while he’d been distracted from his work, he’d accepted it for what it was, nudity, nothing more. But now, the suggestion of the unseen, really just a brown nipple, was quite enticing. His mind had slid from the baseball game to the women on either side of him, to the basement where he entertained thoughts he should never have entertained. A fantasy: he told Keelah to show him her…

“Turn around, Keelah,” Rose said.

“Miss Rose?” Keelah said.

“Turn around. I want to see how you look.”

Keelah obeyed. She turned all the way around and faced Rose again.

“Wear nylons and heels tonight. And put on more makeup.”

Keelah acknowledged and left the room.

Rose poured the champagne. She realized Murph had nothing to drink and called out for a sparkling water. Keekah brought this in and Rose checked her out too. Rose smiled, told her she looked great. Keekah did a mock curtsy and winked at Murph. She told Rose she was wearing a thong underneath and asked if that was okay. Rose, totally uncharacteristically, said she didn’t care if they wore nothing underneath. She winked at Keekah.

“So here we all are,” Rose said. She drank a full glass of champagne quickly and poured herself another which she also quickly finished. She helped herself to caviar, set it on a toast point and ate. Murph did the same. Carla drank her champagne. Then she reached over and planted a wet, sloppy kiss on Murph’s lips. As soon as she finished kissing Murph, she leaned across him and kissed Rose the same way, only with Rose the kiss was longer, even deeper. Rose then kissed Murph, intimately, passionately, longer and deeper than Carla had.

Rose and Carla laughed. Murph didn’t know how to react or what to think.

“Jesus Christ,” he said.

“Caviar’s good, isn’t it?” Rose said.

“Yummy,” Murph said.

“Let’s model what we bought for Murph,” Carla said.

“Great idea.” Rose poured another glass of champagne for herself and for Carla. They both giggled and drank it down.