From The Ghost Writer

quill-pen-300x300Keekah and Keelah stood where they could not be seen. Awestruck, even flabbergasted, they watched as Rose and Carla, both clearly tipsy and on the way to drunk, stripped unabashedly before Murph and modeled what they’d bought. Beyond the pale,  they thought, as it went to modeling lingerie, even panties. At one point, Rose and Carla paraded around in only their new shoes.

“Fifteen years we’ve worked for her and I’ve never seen her like this,” Keekah said when they were back in the kitchen.

“She’s a different woman. ”

“Totally unlike her.”



“We’ve never seen her with anyone. Ever.”

“And now it’s with a woman. Never would have dreamed it. She as much as told me we shouldn’t wear anything under our uniforms. I think she wants us to be showing him our asses.”

“She’s gonna do him and her.”

“Get out of here. She’s gonna come to her senses and snap out of it.”

“It’s telling her life story is what it is. Something is breaking her up inside.”

“Mr. Murph, he’s kind of shy like Miss Rose,” Keekah said. “I’m there all day while they’re working. Miss Rose is just spilling out everything her father did, everything her husband did, how her mother died. Everything, Keelah. And he’s recording it and taking notes. You can see she’s drawn to him, but he won’t give in to her. I’ve even heard them discuss it.”

“Then it’s Miss Carla,” Keelah said. “She’s a wild one.”

“I think we should talk to Miss Rose. We owe her that.”

“Not while she’s drunk.”

“Course not,” Keelah said. “You gonna show off your butt?”

“Why not? He’s seen everything we got already.”

“You gonna let him?”

“I’m gonna help him if he needs some help,” Keekah said. She winked at her sister. “Keep it all in the family.”

They were preparing center cut lamb chops with mint au jus, fresh asparagus and scalloped potatoes. They had not planned an appetizer originally, but Rose told them to have shrimp cocktails and garden salad. These were ordered separately, as were the French pastries for dessert. Fred was out now picking the stuff up.

“Let me check on them,” Keekah said.

“I’ll do it,” Keelah said. She reached under her uniform and pulled off her underwear. “You asked for it, you got it,” she said. She tossed the panties in a laundry cart in a closet along the way. They had worn the maid’s uniforms lots of times through the years, but only when Miss Rose had formally entertained. Miss Rose did not entertain often, maybe once or twice a year, sometimes more. Those events had always been catered and presented with a full staff of chefs and servers. But then she’d never had friends before, no one besides Evelyn and Maureen, who were her family for that matter. Evelyn had been her nanny and Maureen had tended the twins when they were alive.

“Miss Rose?” Keelah called from the doorway before entering the room. She walked in, slowly, sashaying more than walking.

They were sitting on the sofa, Miss Rose and Carla fully dressed again. They sat next to each other, Murph on the end.

“I came to see if you need anything, Miss.”

“We’re fine, Keelah,” Rose said. “You can take these.” She pointed to the caviar tray and empty champagne bottle. “And you can bring another bottle of champagne and a fresh water. We’ll be fine then until dinner.”

“Yes Miss,” Keelah said. She leaned over to clear the table. As she did, she stole a quick glance at Murph who was checking out her bosom. She did not see Rose and Carla checking her out too. When she turned to leave, she made sure lean enough so they could see just about all of her in the back. She could feel all their eyes on her as she walked off.