From The Ghost Writer

quill-pen-300x300After the second bottle of champagne, Rose and Carla were pretty far gone. Neither of them could stand up too well, and if they could have been summonsed for walking while drunk, they would have been.

The baseball game over, Murph let the next game start and sat hoping they wouldn’t mess with him. But being left alone to watch the game didn’t last long. First Carla got up to pee. While she was gone, Rose kissed Murph. She took his hand, led it to her bosom, told him it was okay, that she and Carla had discussed it all: what happens on the Island stays on the Island. Carla came in on them and rather than any anger or discomfort, she kissed Rose then leaned over her, unbuttoned her top and placed Murph’s hand   inside. She  held it there forcefully.

“I think we should have a sauna,” Carla said.

“Or a hot tub, a shower and a nap,” Rose said. “And whatever else we might do during any of those activities.”

“You know, I worked most of the day,” Murph said. “You distracted me this morning and I was glad when you left. Keekah and Keelah presented another distraction, big time. I’m not sure what you two want from me. I’m not sure what they want. I’m a man. I’m not stupid so  I have a pretty good idea all around. But one of us has to be sane. We have work to finish, a project to complete. Why not just keep me out of your craziness?”

“You can keep your clothes on,” Carla said to Murph. She removed their hands from Rose’s bosom, bent down and kissed Rose on the tip of each breast.

“Give you another thousand if you help me get him in the sauna,” Rose said.


Her top still open and very tipsy, Rose stood up. She grabbed one arm, Carla grabbed the other and they pulled Murph through the house to the pool area and into the dressing room by the sauna. Murph could have broken free at any time, but he couldn’t see an up side to it. He was not happy, to say the least.

Together, Carla and Rose undressed Murph. Then they undressed each other. Then they entered the sauna.

A sauna is a sauna is a sauna, but this was a sauna, fully professional, wholly automatic and run by remote if desired. Murph sat on a low bench. Rose and Carla sat opposite him, one up.

“This will get us sober,” Carla said.

“Too bad,” Rose said. She put her arm around Carla and hugged her. “I am so glad we met last week and I’m glad you came out here.”

“I was very afraid.”

“Not anymore?”

“Less so.”

“Good. I had misgivings too. But at least my lawyers will be happy. I was telling Murph. They didn’t want me doing this project. They wanted me getting out, enjoying my houses and my money, even getting wild.”

“Now you’re talking my language,” Carla said. “And while we’re talking, how’d you like to get one of those thousands back? All you have to do is what I did in the dressing room.”

“Here? Now?”


“By myself?”

“Why? You need help? Need extra hands?”

“Don’t need it, but it might be nice.”

“By yourself for a thousand,” Carla said.

“Deal,” Rose said.