From The Ghost Writer

quill-pen-300x300Saturday night dinner was a farce, maybe a romantic, tragic comedy.

Keekah and Keelah outdid themselves. They wore high heels and were made up beautifully, their brown skin golden, their cheeks rouged, their thick lips wild red. They wore no underclothes and reminiscent of school days, they had rolled the skirts of their uniforms so they were short even for minis. Nails done to match their lips, they were voluptuous, scrumptious, succulent, ripe peaches ready for squeezing, sucking and devouring.

Rose had to drink another half bottle of champagne before she could win back one of her lost two thousand dollars. But win it back she did, and it was quite a show, so much so that Carla did a repeat performance of her dressing room matinee there in the sauna. Later, they all took a shower together, the two women washing Murph like he’d  never been washed before. So much for work boundaries, Murph thought. Rose seemed happier and freer than he’d ever seen her. That counted for something. Carla, for her part in this craziness, did not seem jealous at all. She seemed to totally not mind.

Murph wore jeans with a shirt and tie and a sport coat. Rose and Carla came down in low-cut evening gowns and full attire. They drank a bottle of white wine with the shrimp cocktails and salad and a bottle of red with the lamb. The lamb was perfectly done, full rare, and the mint sauce was delicate, not too sweet, capturing both the essence of the mint and the lamb flavor of the au jus.

Keekah and Keelah toyed with Murph mercilessly. When they seated him, Keelah placed his napkin on his lap for him. She copped a feel as she did and leaned over enough so Murph could see all of her full breasts. Keekah did that for Rose. She copped a feel of Rose, but when she bent over to let Rose see her bosom, Rose, totally toasted, reached into her top and was clumsy about it such that Keekah’s breast popped out.

“It’s alright, Miss Rose,” Keekah said, fixing herself. “I’m happy you’re happy.”

Murph, drinking only mineral water, watched it unfold. He enjoyed his meal, enjoyed the party favors Keekah and Keelah provided. Rose and Carla, both happily inebriated, spoke mostly to each other, paid attention mostly to each other. Murph was convinced they wouldn’t make it to dessert and coffee. But they did, silly as they seemed acting like love struck kids with each other.

After dinner, about eleven, Rose insisted everyone get into the hot tub. Only Fred was missing. Fred, like he always did, disappeared when he was off duty. So there they were, the two sisters, the two new friends and Murph. Keekah and Keelah had started drinking after they’d served the main course. They drank rum and coke and so when Rose called for the hot tub party, they were happy to join in.

Keekah and Keelah stripped easily since all they had on was the uniform. Rose and Carla, having trouble just standing, sat down and allowed the sisters to help them. The sisters, cheery as ever, we’re quite free with their hands. Rose and Carla laughed, old-woman schoolgirls allowing themselves to be on the edge.

Before Keelah got into the tub, she asked Murph, who hadn’t undressed yet, to accompany her to the kitchen. She stepped into her high heels and took Murph by the hand.

“Come with me, baby,” she said. She walked, holding his hand, a step ahead of him so he could look at her.

“What’s the matter, darling?” she asked when they were in the kitchen. “Don’t you like me? Don’t you like us?” She poured herself a fresh rum and coke and leaned against the sink.

“That’s not it,” Murph said.

“If you’re worried about Miss Carla, you don’t have to. She and Miss Rose gonna do fine as friends. Seems like they both needed to cut loose a little.  And me and Keekah, we’ve never done this before, but seems Miss Rose wants us to… you know.” She shimmied gently, turned around, spread her legs and leaned forward over the sink. “You know,” she repeated. “She wants us to enjoy ourselves this weekend. Course we wouldn’t do nothing we didn’t want to, so I’m saying I want to.” She wiggled her behind for him.

“I can’t do this,” Murph said.

“Sure you can,” Carla said. She stepped into the kitchen, walked up to Keelah and kissed her.