more-truthAnd the truth is… There is no truth left in America. If we are still the greatest country ever, it’s only by the grace of God. Oh! I forgot. I’m not supposed to bring up God. That’s not politically correct.

Actually, truth left us a long time ago. In the electronic era, however, we just see the lies more. Maybe they are more blatant now because our leaders take us for stupids. Worse, according to Hillary we are deplorables who are irredeemable. Very nice the way she thinks of us little people.

Bill Clinton was a great liar. If you remember the Monica Lewinsky thing, you know this. He shouldn’t have been impeached for that, but all the other liars in Congress had to make a show of him so we’d think they were actually doing something. That was one of their lies, that they’re doing something for us. None of them can be trusted to do anything for us. Another of the lies was their holier-than-thou pretense that they weren’t cheating on their spouses. They should have all been put under oath and asked the same questions as Clinton. Statistically, almost seven in ten are or were cheating. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say fifty percent, or forty percent. Then they all should have been impeached too.

One of the biggest reasons the truth is gone is that the media is no longer honest itself. Look at who owns a lot of it and you’ll see why. Remember when GE owned NBC and the CEO of GE was in the White House on Obama’s energy committee?  So you think NBC and all its cable stations are unbiased?  They had skin in Obama’s energy game, and a game it was because they were gaming us and lying about its effectiveness. Truth? A senator in a movie playing on cable now says “Truth is what I say it is boy.”

Just as an aside, when the judge asked me if I had anything to say at my trial and I started to tell the truth, he banged down his gavel to stop me and sent me off to jail.

The NY Slimes and Washington Compost–one more time, check out their owners and you’ll see they have no interest in the truth since mostly it goes against their personal interests. And on and on.

The climate change truth? Why would the Attorney General, fine piece of work she is meeting with Billy boy Clinton on the tarmac, prosecute scientists who contradict what the government wants to hear about it? Why are almost all the studies done by scientists getting federal grants? Yes, when you pay for it, you can have the answer you want, whether it’s right or wrong. The game is fixed and they are lying to us. Why? Federal power grab.

Obamacare? Lie after lie after lie. From keeping your doctor to it will cost less…BS, BS, BS. Why Obamacare? Federal power grab. They could at least be honest about it.

We are stupids. If we believe any of them, we are dumber than dumb.

Ironically though, Mr. outrageous himself, Donald Trump, has hit upon some truths that should scare all of us. The system is rigged. That’s why a lot of the Republicans won’t support him. They want the status quo since changing it would cost them and their cronies fortunes and they’d lose their power. The media is in the tank for the Democrats. They’ve even admitted it. Our elections are as crooked as those we used to laugh at in what we used to call the banana republics.

Truth? There is no more truth. Justice? Yeah. Look at the lack-of-justice department and the FBI and how they colluded on the Clinton email case. The American way? Not anymore. They are marching us into socialism knowing full well it doesn’t work anywhere in the world.